UMass Amherst

Alumni of the Student Businesses

Mandy Murry, Sweets Alum

Since it's establishment in 1975, the Center for Student Business (CSB) at the University of Massachusetts has been committed to providing high quality services and consultation for the University's student-run, nonprofit businesses.

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of young people. Many of these students have gone on to lead successful careers in the business world. But all of them have gained invaluable experience which they have taken with them used in their lives after graduation.

This list is incomplete. If your name is missing, or if you know of someone not listed, please email us and let us know. Thank you.

Basileo, Laura Sweets 'N More F '02 - S '04
Crosby, James Sweets 'N More F '02 - F '05
Girolimon, Di Sweets 'N More F '02 - F '05
Henry, Chris Sweets 'N More S '00 - F '02
Howell, Vanessa Sweets 'N More S '01 - F '03
Kelly, TJ Sweets 'N More F '04 - S '06
Morand, Mike Sweets 'N More F '02 - S '05
Morrison, Bill Sweets 'N More F '93 - S '98
Murray, Mandy Sweets 'N More F '02 - F '05
Plisky, Dave Sweets 'N More S '03 - F '05
Roberge, Addie Sweets 'N More S '00 - F '05
Gothie, Mike CSB Program Coordinator Isenberg MSA 1996