UMass Amherst

About the CSB

Since it's establishment in 1975, the Center for Student Business (CSB) at the University of Massachusetts has been committed to providing high quality services and consultation for the University's student-run, nonprofit businesses. Supported by a professional staff, the CSB is a group of undergraduate student consultants who work closely with the individual businesses. Together, the members of the CSB provide guidance, training, and advocacy to the businesses currently in the program.

The Student Business Program is a learning community which offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain co-curricular training and education in the cooperative management of a small business. Through experiential learning and team management, students develop organizational skills with members of diverse backgrounds.

Our Mission Statement: The goal of the Center for Student Business is to support the missions of the student run businesses. Their mission is threefold. The businesses provide co-curricular training and education in cooperative management, life skills and business skills in a supportive and diverse setting. Additionally, they offer affordable products and services to the UMass community and paid employment to undergraduate students as well as make contributions to serve the University community.

What we can do for you

  • The Consultants duties & services:
    • Attend weekly all staff, steering, or other meetings as necessary
    • Help in budgeting and financial management
    • Provide institutional knowledge during co-manager turnover
    • Troubleshoot organizational and operational issues
    • Network with other consultants about their respective businesses
    • Staffs the CSB office
    • Updates businesses on all CSB deadlines
  • The Administrative Coordinator''s duties & services:
    • Assists in training consultants, bookkeepers, payroll managers
    • Manages student business payroll
    • Assists with University purchasing, invoices, Procard, and PeopleSoft Reports
    • Provides software support
    • Provides Signature Responsibility Training
  • The Program Coordinator's duties & services:
    • Provides training for new consultants
    • Provides training and workshops
    • Cash handling procedures
    • Financial management, including budgets, inventory, etc.
    • Customer Service, Marketing and Purchasing issues
    • Provides financial analysis
    • Provides software support
  • The Director's duties & services:
    • Provides Coordinator duties in their absence
    • Facilitates public relations
    • Introduces and interprets University and community resources
    • Assists with organization, communication, goal setting, etc.
    • Oversees policy and procedure development
    • Provides general insight and guidance for all student businesses
    • Provides anything to help a business or co-manager function better