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Welcome to the homepage for the UMass Center for Student Business! We hope your visit is informative and all of your questions are answered thoroughly. If we can be of any further assistance, or you have any further questions regarding the organization or this website, please use the Contact link at the left of this page to get in touch with the appropriate parties!

The Center for Student Businesses

The goal of the Center for Student Business (CSB), a unit of the Center for Student Development, is to support the mission of the student-run businesses and insure their long term survival. Our mission is threefold:

1.  To provide co-curricular training and education in socially responsible cooperative management, life skills and specific business skills in a supportive and diverse setting.
2.  To offer products and services to the UMASS community and paid employment to undergraduate students.
3.  To serve the University Community.

UNIT Overview
The CSB has three programmatic areas of concentration:  training and guiding student-run businesses and the co-managers who work in them, leading and educating the undergraduate Isenberg School of Management (ISOM) consultants, and networking with the larger UMASS community to foster support of the student businesses.

The CSB provides workshops to both consultants and co-managers through the assistance of graduate students, covering business operations, financial management, organizational development and administration. Under the guidance of the CSB, students learn from their experience, gain life and leadership skills that enhance their academic learning while making a positive contribution to their community. 

THE CSB, located in the 406 Student Union, is open 9-5 pm Monday through Friday.

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CSB Consultants - April 2013


Melanie Toyzer, 2013 Patric Brown Exemplary Co-Manager Award