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The Student Union Craft Center is an educational service and crafts supply store. As a multidisciplinary, socio-educational program, our primary purpose is to enrich student life on campus. We provide instructional crafts programs in a contagiously creative and welcoming environment.


The origins of The Craft Center is one of creativity, friendships, education and entrepreneurship. In 1971, while driving between the five colleges, Penny Worman, a leather specialist, stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. Upon seeing the many belts in Worman's car, the hitchhiker asked her what her occupation was. Worman told him that she makes a living by going between the colleges teaching people how to make belts. The hitchhiker then proceeded to tell Worman of a student craft guild at University of Massachusetts where they needed a professional supervisor. Worman applied and over 30 years later, the Student Union Craft Center is serving students in ways Worman might have only imagined. That winter of 1971, the students of UMass made 2000 belts between the end of November and the end of exams. Such productivity has remained the tradition in this modest space across from the Hatch--the space where students go, make crafts, and depart as friends.

Monday - Thursday

11:00AM - 5:00PM


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1:00PM - 6:00PM

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