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Sorry, we are closed for the summer. We will be reopening and welcoming back students, staff, and faculty on Monday September 8th!
Hours will be:
  • Mon, Tue, Thur: 11AM - 5PM
  • Wed: 11AM - 8PM
  • Fri: 11AM - 6PM
  • Sat: 1PM - 6PM
Fall 2012 Open House - Silver
Fall 2012 Open House - Marbling


  • We will be hosting an open house on Mon. Sept. 8th from 6 - 8PM. All are welcome! There will be free membership registration, craft activities, and hands on demos in all craft areas. Bring your friends!
  • There will be a free paper marbling workshop hosted by the Craft Center and held in the W.E.B. Du Bois Library on Wednesday September 17 from 4 - 6PM.
  • We will also be hosting a graduate student/GSO open house, date to be announced.
Fall 2013 Open House