306 Student Union Building
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003
[413] 545.1925

President Lance Morosini
Vice Presidents Sonny Carbone
Vice Presidents Jimbo Fontaine
TreasurerMary Mendonca
SecretaryJenn McGregor
Project Coordinator Yosh Shartin

First Meeting of Second Semester - All Are Welcome
Tuesday, February 10th, 7 P.M. in the ARC Office, Student Union
Also, A demo on Beavers will be held in Northampton on February 5th at 7:15. For more information, please call Lance at 546-6119.

For information relating to meetings, please call or email us.
Frequently Asked Questions

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UK animal rights coalition.
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Defenders of the vegan. Propagandhi's home page (unofficial, but good!)
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