The Feast 
starring: Dukufruoko (Turtle)

One day, long ago in the animal kingdom, the King (lion) of Nkrom decided to have a party and thus he invited all his subjects to join him in his castle up in the sky. He ordered the animals to put on their best clothes, and bring their family and friends. He also told them that each person needed to have a nickname otherwise they will not be admitted into the castle. So everybody got ready and the day finally came. The castle beamed with decorations, the animals came in dressed in beautiful clothes and garments, and everybody had a nick name. Now Dukufruoko (turtle) is a wise and cunning animal, he was also very very greedy. He decided to nickname himself "all of you". 

"Ha ha, what a silly name that is" laughed the other animals. "Why would anyone call himself such a stupid name," they taunted. Poor Dukufruoko was the object of  mockery till the King's appeareance. 

"Welcome my humble subjects," the King announced, "it is a great victory indeed that our kingdom has flourished so well over the past years.You have all played a vital role in making this so. Tonight, you shall feast and reap your hard work. Ushers!! See to it that my guests are properly served with the best meals ever cooked in this palace." 

Now it was time to eat, and dukufruoko decided to teach these annoying animals a lesson. So they all gathered around the huge table, and the servers brought in trays upon trays of delicious apetizers. After a quick prayer, everyone was ready to dig in. Just as the animals were about to touch the food, Dukufruko jumped up and yelled; 

"Wait." He turned to the server. "Just by the way, who is this food for?" he asked. 

The server looked puzzled. "It's for all of you" he replied. 

"Thank you" said dukruofoko, and with that he jumped on the table and eat all the food. The servers brought in the main course and began to lay them on the table them on the table. They had not finished laying the food down when Dukufruoko spoke up casaully; 

"Ok, so now who is the food for," he asked the server. 

"It's for all of you," came the reply. Once again Dukufruoko jumped on the table and ate all the food. This made the animals in attendance very upset. But what could they do? The server clearly said the food was for "all of you". Shortly after that came the dessert and the animals were once again anxious to dig in. 

"Eh eh, hold on now, Mr. Server, are you not forgetting something. You forgot to announce who this dessert was for," Dukufruoku declared angrily. 

"Ah! I said the food is for all of you," the server replied in frustration. And once again, our friend Mr. Dukufruoku swallowed all the food. At this point the party was a disaster and everybody started to depart. Everyone including the King was upset. But what could they do? The server said the food was for "all of you". Now Dukufruoku had hitched a ride to the party with the sparrow. Consequently the sparrow refused to give him a ride back to the surface after what he had done. And also the King would not give him permission  to lounge on his premises until he found a ride home. So Dukufruoku sought help from his old friend the squirrel. 

"Mr. squirrel, I know you are angry with me, but please don't hate me.  Could you please tell my wife to fill the mattress with the softest things in the house and lay it outside the house so that I will not break my back when I jumped down from the heavens," he begged. The squirrel said he would do as his friend asked. 

"Some friend he claims to be," thought the squirrel, " he ate all the food and did not even leave some for his best friend. After all we've been through, eh. Alright, he will reap his own evil, I'll teach him a lesson myself." 

Knock! Knock! 

"Hey, Mr. Squirrel, what brings you to my doorstep," Mrs. Dukufruoku exclaimed. "And where is my husband?" 

"Woman," said the squirrel, "your husband has left specific instructions for you to follow. He wants you to gather all the broken bottles, nails and all sharp objects you can find, and pile them all in front of the house. Don't even ask me, I don't know what he wants to do, and you know that I don't like to argue with him. 

Dukufruoku's wife did as she was told not suspecting anything. About the same time she was done with her task, Dukufruoku was ready to jump down from the heavens. He jumped down, landed on the pile of broken bottles, and totally shattered his shell. The next day, Dukufruoku went to see the witch doctor in pain. He asked the doctor to fix his shell, but instead the doctor stitched him up, and from that day the turtle's shell is always cracked. 

Narrated by Oni 
Edited by Sefa Nkrumah