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As it is said in Ecclesiastes...

"There is nothing new under the sun" Ecclesiastes 1:9

The Decalogue: One (1988)

Decalogue IDirector: Krzysztof Kieslowski

April 4, 4pm, Herter 601

“The Decalogue” was a 1988 Polish television drama shot as a series of short films.  During the 1980s, Polish society lived through the trauma of martial law and the collapse of the Communist system.  Kieslowski’s explicit intention was to “examine the moral condition of contemporary society.” 

White Zombie (1932)

WhiteZombieDirector: Victor Halperin

Tuesday April 5, 4pm Herter 227

“White Zombie” is a 1932 pre-code cult horror film starring Bela Lugosi (“Dracula,” 1931) as the antagonist. It is considered the first feature length zombie film. Early cinema depicted vodou as a marker of the “primitive” that served to justify the colonization of the “Other.” The film introduced the image of the “zombie” in U.S. culture, just as the Marines occupied Haiti.

Earth (1998)

EarthDirector: Deepa Mehta

Wednesday April 6, 4pm Herter 227   

“Earth” is the second part of an “elemental trilogy” including Fire (part I) and Water (part III).  The story is set in Lahore in the time period directly before and during the partition of India in 1947.  The film casts the partitioning of India as a failure of pluralism that threatens friendships, family units, and the very integrity of its leading characters.

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East? (1989)

Director: Bae Yong-Kyun

Thursday April 7, 4pm ILCS 211

The title of the film is a Zen koan—a paradox meant to aid meditation—that provokes the question of the distinction between leaving and arriving.  This visually stunning film offers an evocative meditation on the cyclical nature of existence, not so much explaining the tenets of Zen Buddhism as illuminating the mysteries of life that lie behind them.