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Roundtable offers a range of services to unions and their employer partners in an effort to meet the needs of the employees/members for high quality education and training, as well as organizational needs of the employer and the union.

· Joint Labor-Management Education Committee formation: Roundtable can work with the employer and union to set up a committee and determine its composition, scope, functions and processes.

· Workplace Needs Analysis: Roundtable will conduct an analysis of the learning needs of the workforce.  We use data-gathering techniques such as surveys, interviews and focus groups to analyze the organizational needs all stakeholders regarding skills development of employees.  The analysis includes recommendations for common and priority goals.

· Vendor Selection: Roundtable will find and pre-screen potential providers.  Often we can narrow down the search from hundreds of providers to 3 or 4 well-qualified finalists to be interviewed by the Education Committee.

· Grant-writing: Roundtable understands the various public and private funding sources and can help the committee decide which public funds might be most appropriate.  Then we can help you apply and write the grant application.

· Teacher training: Even experienced providers sometimes need training in teaching in a workplace, particularly in a labor-management environment.  Roundtable has a 5-day training course and a Workplace Educator Training Manual.  We can offer the whole thing or break it down into workshops as short as 2 hours.  We also offer mentoring and coaching.

· Technical Assistance: Roundtable can consult if problems arise in start-up or implementation, or if you want to consider expansion or other changes in program design.

· Sustainability and Long Term Planning: Roundtable can help you strategize to sustain your program, particularly in the transition from public to private funding.

· Networking: Roundtable is itself a network and can help you meet other programs in your industry or region.  We have a listserv and offer occasional forums.  Also, Roundtable is part of several national networks and organizations that can be resources.

· Program promotion: Roundtable can help your program publicize the good work you do.

· Policy issues: Roundtable can help bring the concerns that grow out of your program experience to the policy arena, particularly at the state level, where much of the workforce development policy is decided.

· Evaluation: Roundtable has experience in designing specific evaluation tools, quantitative and qualitative, that will help you know how you are doing in relation to your goals.  We can also conduct third party evaluations as required by funders.

Most requests for assistance are covered in our contract with the Massachusetts Department of Education and are free of charge.  More extensive services are on a fee-for-service basis.  All initial consultations are free.

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