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Success by Design: What Works in Workforce Developement..

Roundtable's Workers' Basic Legal Protections on the Job- ESOL Curriculum

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Contextualized Curriculum for Workplace Education

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Massachusetts Worker Education Roundtable

The Massachusetts Worker Education Roundtable is a network of worker education programs dedicated to promoting partnerships of employers, unions and educators that provide high quality education as well as training for Massachusetts union members.  Programs that develop partnerships with employers, unions, learners and educators are programs that succeed.  Here's what one study found: Success by Design.

Every workplace has its own culture and its own set of learning needs. Roundtable has developed tools to determine these needs for each workplace, and tailor program development to those needs.  Whether your workplace needs basic skills, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), job training, leadership development or any lifelong learning, we can provide the expertise to make it happen.


 Get You Started:
· Form and facilitate a labor-management education committee
· Conduct a workplace needs analysis, finding common ground in multiple perspectives
· Link education to union and business strategies
· Find and pre-screen potential vendors
· Identify and apply for potential grants
· Find or develop appropriate curriculum materials
· Connect with other programs in your industry or region

 Work with Educators:
· Professional development workshops and courses on workplace education in a labor-management setting
· Contextualize curriculum with workplace related material
· Connect with educators in other programs
· Connect to national networks and organizations

 Provide Ongoing Technical Assistance and Support:

· Hiring and orienting new teachers
· Locating resources and curriculum materials
· Sustainability and long range planning
· Raising policy issues of concern to programs


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