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Scholarly Activities Fund of the Retired 
Faculty Association
 UMass Amherst

The ongoing scholarly activities of UMass Amherst Retired Faculty Association (RFA) members are being recognized with an opportunity to apply for funds. Awards are given for worthy projects that would enhance the scholarly or creative lives of their recipients, their intellectual community, and the university. Funds are entirely derived from the Provostís Office. An application is required and is available (see below). The maximum grant award is $1,500.

Aim of the Fund
The aim of this fund is to provide financial assistance to support scholarly activities. Examples of appropriate activities include, but are not limited to the following: 1) to participate in a workshop, conference, or exhibition; 2) to study at a center with special collections or facilities for research; 3) to advance creative work, for example, on a book, article, film, musical, or theater performance; 4) to defray publication costs, research assistance and general purpose materials (excluding computers or software).

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria
All members of the UMass Amherst Retired Faculty Association are eligible to apply for funds. A higher preference will be given to those applicants who do not have alternative institutional funding and who have not received funding from the Scholarly Activities Fund in the previous year. Factors affecting application scores will include evidence of continuing or new scholarly or creative activity (or other appropriate activity), relevance of the proposed expenditure to that activity, participation in the Retired Faculty Association and having been retired for at least one year. Completion of the required final report for any previously funded activity is a prerequisite.

 Member spouses, surviving spouse members, or members fully employed in an academic institution are not eligible for this Program. Funds will not pay for a PI salary but may offset the salary of a research assistant. Travel expenses must comply with University requirements.

The Application Process
The online application requires that you use your UMass account ( 

To apply:

1. Log out of your personal account (if you are logged in).
2. The application is available at When you click on the link:

  1. You will see a Google page that asks you to choose an account. Choose your account.
  2. Then you will get a Google page asking you to sign in. Enter your UMass email. Click next.
  3. That will take you to the UMass Amherst log in page to enter your netID and password.

3. Fill the form and submit it.
4. Inquiries may be sent to

When to Submit
Applications will be received continually and reviewed on a monthly review cycle. Applications received by the 15th of the month will be notified by the 15th of the following month. 

Submissions may be prospective or retrospective, although filing before the scholarly activity/event occurs is encouraged. Retrospective applications (not more than 30 days) must meet the University requirements for timely submission of reimbursement (see below).

Presently, the University requires that applications for reimbursement be submitted within 30 days after the event. If later than 120 days, funds, if approved at all, would be dispersed as taxable income.

Scholarly Activities Committee (SAC)
The SAC designs, publicizes, and oversees the process of making awards from the Scholarly Activities Fund. Additionally, members of the SAC review applications and announce awards. The SAC receives reports of completed projects and shares results with appropriate campus units. SAC members, presently seven, are selected by the Executive Committee of the RFA. Membership in the SAC is annual and renewable. 

Members of the SAC: March 10, 2020 
Jim Staros 
Frank Fagundes
Michael Maroney
David Gross
Donna Zucker
Barbara Partee
Maurille Fournier, Chair


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