The Need of Resistance Studies for Scholars and Activists, and the Idea of Occupied Peoples Forums - Webinar

Image of Stellan Vinthagen
May 2, 2020 - 11:00am

Soldarity Rising Webinar Series presents:

Dr. Stellan Vinthagen will be holding this seminar bringing up the need to improve liberation struggles through collaborations between experienced activists and researchers within the academia. One way this is happening already is through "resistance studies", an emerging field of relevance for liberation that is since the 1980s growing within universities.

Another way, linked to this, is the increasing networking among activists through workshops and "Forums" in which movements learn from each other, where an older generation of activists share their experiences with a younger one, and across different sites of struggles in the world.

Stellan Vinthagen, who is an activist scholar from Sweden, working with the Resistance Studies Initiative, is one that's organizing some of this and is looking for more collaborators from within liberation struggles. He will present here some of the work and experiences made so far, and invite participants to discuss how to proceed with these projects.

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