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Economic Update: Is US Capitalism in Decline?

In this week’s show, prof. Wolff talks about pay inequality, mega-mergers, billionaire charity and he discusses the problems of US capitalism with prof. McIntyre.

There is no such thing as a green war

The military industrial complex is a major contributor to climate change — this calls for a merger of anti-war, climate and refugee solidarity movements.

Supporting dictators is not anti-imperialism

Why do so many Western leftists side with dictators in the name of anti-imperialism? A new book seeks to moved beyond the old “the West and the rest”-binary.

The revolt of the fearless generation

Eight years after the Arab Spring caused little stir in Algeria, a new generation has since come of age and is taking on the old guard — but the problems run deep.

The trap of trickle-down anti-Islamophobia

Relying on state institutions as a bulwark against racism and Islamophobia obscures how the law itself reproduces intertwined hierarchies of race and class.

Economic Update: Understanding Marxism

This special edition of “Economic Update” is devoted to “Understanding Marxism,” the title of a short new book just published by Democracy at Work.