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Supporting dictators is not anti-imperialism

Why do so many Western leftists side with dictators in the name of anti-imperialism? A new book seeks to moved beyond the old “the West and the rest”-binary.

The revolt of the fearless generation

Eight years after the Arab Spring caused little stir in Algeria, a new generation has since come of age and is taking on the old guard — but the problems run deep.

The trap of trickle-down anti-Islamophobia

Relying on state institutions as a bulwark against racism and Islamophobia obscures how the law itself reproduces intertwined hierarchies of race and class.

Economic Update: Understanding Marxism

This special edition of “Economic Update” is devoted to “Understanding Marxism,” the title of a short new book just published by Democracy at Work.

“To defend nature, we must organize”

As part of the global “Fridays for Future” day of action, students in Rojava organized a demonstration and cleaned up the streets of their city.

Economic Update: Living in a Socialist Economy

In this week’s show, Prof. Wolff covers the US college admissions scandal, the relation between lobbyists and inequality, and the teachers’ strike in the Carolina’s.

It’s never really about the bread

Corporate media often depicts major social upheavals as single-issue affairs — to see how movements and struggles connect we need to look beyond the headlines.