ROAR Magazine

Webinar: A Global Green New Deal

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of the COVID-19 crisis for a transformational shift towards global climate justice.

Announcing the Progressive International

Today marks the launch of the Progressive International, a global initiative with a mission to unite, organize and mobilize progressive forces around the world.

COVID-19 Chronicles with Lydia Cairncross

In the COVID-19 Chronicles, Frank Barat interviews analysts, doctors, thinkers, activists and politicians on the coronavirus crisis and its impact on global politics.

Introducing our fellow travelers

Two new associate editors will join us on our quest to cultivate the radical imagination and explore possible pathways to a post-capitalist future.

The Women of Candelaria

Women from Candelaria in Chiapas, Mexico, explain how they took back control over their own lives and have collectively achieved social and economic independence.

The Laura Flanders Show: Take Back the App!

“How about if the future of work does not get answered straight away with automation, but with co-work, the creation of commons, with putting up productive energies and the definition of work towards social and environmental ends?”

Essential workers of the world unite!

The “heroes” who sustain our lives during this crisis, are barely able to sustain theirs. A heterogeneous working class movement of frontline workers can change this.