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Economic Update: A Growing US Left

Latest episode of Richard Wolff’s “Economic Update” show, this week paying special attention to leftist and anti-left politics in the US today.

Why we can’t just #PlantATree

Tree planting is a tactic that must follow the vital work of protecting existing trees and reducing emissions, more often than not through direct action.

Ayotzinapa massacre: five years on

On September 26, 2014, 43 students were disappeared by Mexican police in collaboration with organized crime. To this day, their families are waiting for justice.

Trudeau’s Canada: two-faced climate culprit

Despite efforts to craft a climate-friendly public image, Canada’s continued support for the fossil fuel industry highlights the hypocrisy of the current government.

Economic Update: US Economy and the Market

The market is an institution that gets a remarkable play in our culture and society, but it ought to be subjected to our critiques nonetheless.

The liberatory potential of local action

Local action is often the best remedy for the failings of the current system — a worldwide confederation of democratic communities can have the same impact at a global scale.

Economic Update: Capitalism in Decline

On this week’s show, prof. Wolff explains the political economy of immigration and how capitalism is to blame for Latin America’s inequality, poverty and corruption.

Economic Update: Homelessness in the US

On this week’s show, prof. Wolff looks at what lessons can be drawn from the popular resistance in Puerto Rico, advocates workplace democracy, and more.

First they take Exarcheia

Recent evictions of several squats, some housing refugees and migrants, mark the beginning of a new chapter of repression and dissent in Greece.

Immanuel Wallerstein: an obituary

Immanuel Wallerstein, a giant of the critical social sciences and a steadfast ally of contemporary social movements, passed away at the age of 88 on August 31.

Urban space and the transformation of society

In his latest book, Stavros Stavrides outlines the radical potential of cities and lays bare all that must be done in order for us to realize their potential.