ROAR Magazine

Economic Update: Answering Our Critics

A weekly show focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life and alternative ways to organize our economy and politics, with Prof. Richard D. Wolff.

Unraveling India’s authoritarian nightmare

As nationwide protests and a general strike have paralyzed the country, the oppressed and exploited peoples of India deserve our solidarity in their fight against authoritarian Hindu nationalism.

Survival as resistance in occupied Kashmir

A local journalist’s account of life in Kashmir, where close to a million Indian troops oversee a heavy-handed crackdown and commit human rights abuses with impunity.

The year in six longreads

What better way to celebrate New Year’s than cozying up on the couch with a glass of champagne, reading through some of the best longreads we published over the past year?

Poetry from the Future

“The seeds of a new world, taking root here in the shell of the old.”

Let’s talk about democracy. Real democracy

Representative democracy reproduces oppressive systems of power. Democracy can take many forms, but to fight for one, first we need to know what we’re talking about.