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Market economics has driven universities into crisis – and we’re all paying the price | Owen Jones

The Guardian | Protest -

When staff strike this month, they will be battling not just for the future of higher education but for our economy and culture

The trebling of tuition fees would unleash a new golden age for English universities, or so we were told. They would become financially sustainable, competitive, liberated from stifling bureaucracy and responsive to the needs of students. And yet, nearly a decade later, higher education is in crisis.

Tuition fees have formed part of a full-frontal assault on the living standards of a generation battered by a housing crisis, stagnating wages and slashed services. And with 83% of student loans forecast to never be paid back in full, the promises of financial sustainability are a nonsense. Both frontrunners for the Labour leadership have committed to maintaining the party’s totemic commitment to abolishing this punitive attack on aspiration, recognising that university education is a social good. But the issue goes much, much wider – and has profound implications for the future of our society.

According to the University and College Union, university staff’s pay has declined by 20% over the last decade

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Rubí (Catalonia): Rally against the risk of eviction from El Mirlo community garden

House Occupation News -

Call out from El Mirlo community garden.

Saturday 15 February 2020, 12:00, rally in front of Rubí train station.

If the speculator persists, El Mirlo resists!

May 2016, we occupied the land on 44 General Prim Street, opposite the Ateneu Anarquista la Hidra, owned at that time by Arrels CT Finsol, a BBVA real estate company, in order to build a community garden among all of them. Since then we have been giving life to this space, making use of an abandoned land. El Mirlo (the Blackbird) and its plants have not stopped growing with the effort of all of us, day after day and in each of the open days to the neighbors that are organized every 15 days. We cultivate vegetables, medicinal plants, tubers and we do it all together to learn together and thus share knowledge. The garden is also a meeting place for people and groups, a corner protected from the asphyxiating pollution and asphalt of this city.

Now, El Mirlo is under threat by a well known enemy: real estate speculation. The construction company Domomarina S.L. is taking us to court next February 20th, they want to evict us to build flats. It is worth remembering that here in Rubí there are 3500 empty houses. It is nothing new that banks, construction companies, vulture funds, are carrying out a very aggressive housing construction campaign destroying historical heritage buildings, parks and green spaces in order to profit, making the inequality in our neighborhoods even more evident. Gentrification has been banging on the door of Rubí for some time now, we see how the City Council is spending money on a tunnel of lights, but this does not stop the rise in housing prices and rents in this city.

Excavators will come to destroy this space full of life. The machines will destroy the Blackbird’s eyes and the earth will be replaced by brick, cement and concrete, burying the ecosystem that lives in the garden. In its place, there will be a building that will end up like many others in Rubí: empty…

But we won’t allow it. We’ll keep moving. You’re gonna have to come and get us out of here, because we’re not leaving. They make a point of the walls, they make a point of the property. We give value to our ideas, that they cannot be evicted, we respect the land and we give strength to our hearts, which will not go out!

With the help and solidarity of everyone in the neighborhood we can stop them!
The Blackbird cannot be touched
Living neighborhoods, fighting neighborhoods!

February 20th at 10:30, rally in front of the Rubí courthouse

Hort Comunitari El Mirlo
Carrer del General Prim, 49
08191 Rubí
elmirlo [at] riseup [dot] net

Ateneu Anarquista la Hidra
Carrer del General Prim, 47
08191 Rubí
ateneuanarquistalahidra [at] riseup [dot] net

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source: Radar

London: Police Station is squatted! Join the resistance!

House Occupation News -

London squatters are organising an anarchist social centre in a notorious secure police station in central London. It is leading to a week of action for GAF, Green Anti-capitalist Front, from 24th February to 2nd March. Come and help with this once-in-a-generation opportunity to perfect barricading and organise towards the COP26 and more! We look forward to welcoming you to this liberated space for global resistance in a centre of international capitalism.

Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space (GRASS) in Paddington

Was nice to meet Oli (and Rich!) from the other day! The GRASS (Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Space) was originally formulated as the result of a public assembly to come up with ideas to tackle capitalism in ways that not only ‘stick it to the man’, but demonstrate that it’s entirely practical and possible to build a new society. A society based on fairness, compassion, co-ordination and communal working and living. The sort of society where no one will be without a home or a chance to live a fulfilling life.

This isn’t about ‘fucking the system’ or rebelling for the hell of it. It’s about showing what people can do when they work together and cooperate – not because of some unjust, enforced hierarchy but with solidarity, mutual aid, and respect. It’s about showing you don’t need hierarchy to do that (we have no leaders, everyone is on an equal footing). It’s about creating a world where people of all races, gender identities, sexualities, and abilities can thrive, and don’t have to face the prejudice they do now. It’s about offering an alternative to what we’ve all been told is the only way.

If you think the system is working well, that thousands of people on the streets is normal, that giving the vast majority of your days to a job you don’t really like to make money for someone who doesn’t even know your name while the planet burns is how things should be, then deride this. Ignore it. Good for you. But if you see what we see, and feel there is something pretty wrong with how society is working right now, then join your voice with ours and help to build something better.


2 – 4 Harrow Road
W2 1XJ

Green Anticapitalist Front
greenanticapitalistfront [at] riseup [dot] net

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'I've lost friends': the young climate strikers forced to go it alone

The Guardian | Protest -

Activism can be lonely in rural areas, but social media lets lone children’s voices be amplified

In a remote village in north Norfolk, nine-year-old Amelia Bradbury has been standing alone outside her school gates every Friday for months. Like hundreds of thousands of young people across the world, she is following Greta Thunberg’s lead and campaigning for action on the climate crisis – but, far from any of the big city demonstrations, she’s having to go it alone.

“I was quite scared the first time because no one was doing it with me,” says Amelia. “But I’m doing this because I care about something. I really want people to listen to me and to make a difference.”

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Zaragoza: statement by the CSO Kike Mur

House Occupation News -

If the Kike Mur falls, Zaragoza will rise up.

Greetings to anyone who feels identified with the values of freedom, self-management, anti-fascism and with the CSO Kike Mur . First of all, we would like to thank all the comments, communications and expressions of support that are reaching us from both collectives and individuals, they transmit a lot of strength and reaffirm our resistance, it is the people who really give meaning and life to space, who have managed to make this dream come true. It is because of all this that we feel strong, we know that we have the support and solidarity of the best people of this city and other places, and that is the best weapon we can have.
Kike Mur is a busy social center. A social center because we have given life, for more than 9 years and after having resisted an eviction, to a space as gloomy as an old prison where thousands of anti-fascists were executed. An endless number of cultural, social and political activities have been carried out, open to the Torrero and Zaragoza neighbourhoods. An enormous number of groups, both from Zaragoza and from other parts of the world, have also participated in the space, filling it with activity and building it together. Within these walls there has been room for ecological agriculture cooperatives, workers’ assemblies, consumer cooperatives, barter markets, toy exchanges, housing advice, social market and clothing collection for refugees. Guitar, English, sewing and school revision classes have also been given, all without financial benefit. More than 500 concerts, 200 talks, and hundreds of workshops. The space has the goal of creating a social fabric of solidarity and mutual support by and for the integration with the neighborhood and the city, it has spaces like a free shop, where anyone can come and take what they need and/or leave what they no longer use, a community garden, an anarchist library, a boulder, gym, exhibition hall open to artists, multipurpose room and cafeteria.
And it is squatted because we believe that squatting is one of the best tools we have to fight speculation and private property, indispensable pillars of capitalism, as well as to promote other forms of organization that allow both individual and collective development. We attack property because it is a clear symbol of social inequality and state domination. We choose to make use of a space that would otherwise only be used for speculation, economic performance or to be abandoned, and not to create a social and associative fabric.
The City Council, with Jorge Azcón at its head, and sticking out its chest to VOX, wants us out of this space as soon as possible, and it is not just a question of legality, but because with our mere existence we show that there are other ways of thinking, living and relating far from the dynamics of this capitalist system. We want to manifest that we are not afraid, that the CSOs are, have been and will be spaces of conflict and resistance subjected to the constant threats and repression of power. We also know that this system is only maintained through the use of physical and psychological violence and we are aware that in this case it is not going to be different. This is why if you touch the Kike Mur you will hear its walls rumble. If you touch the Kike Mur you will find us on the streets stronger and more determined than ever. This is not an attack on a building or a single group, but on all the people and groups of Zaragoza that have entered through its doors to organize conferences, workshops, talks, assemblies, concerts or exhibitions and everyone who has put light in the midst of so much darkness. We believe that it is vitally important to point out that our space is not the only one that is in danger, since the pitiful City Council that we have in Zaragoza seems constantly determined to destroy the social and associative fabric of the city. Any activity with a self-managed or grassroots tint seems to be the target of persecution and repression, but this is precisely what makes us stronger. If they want to kill the city, what we will do is fill our neighbourhoods and our spaces with life; if they want to dye our streets grey, we will light them up. Let it be very clear to you that we will not give you an inch, and that we will fight tooth and nail for what is ours and what is everybody’s.
We want to make a call for solidarity at all levels by any person or collective that feels a little bit of ownership of this space or the struggles that have taken place within these walls. Therefore, we encourage any action as a sign of solidarity and to be alert to the different calls that arise.

If they take away one CSO we will open a thousand more because we have the keys to all the doors. They will never sleep peacefully.
We will continue

Centro Social Okupado Kike Mur
Plaza de la Memoria Histórica
50007 Zaragoza, Spanish State
okupazaragoza [at] riseup [dot] net

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[Communiqué published in Spanish on 5 February 2020 by CSO Kike Mur.]

Berlin: Whoever buys Köpi buys trouble…

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Berlin is number one nationwide, when it comes to the rapid increase in real estate value. This is what the latest “Global Residential Cities Index” reveals. Therefore it is no surprise that after a few years of relative peace, the Köpi has once again become desirable to investors for its huge profit potential. This time the owner is “going big” and is offering Köpi and the adjacent trailer park as part of an almost 100 million Euro heavy real estate package. During times of casino capitalism and zero-rate policy, it comes as no surprise that there are already several prospective customers interested in this package…

The seller is a notorious figure – the ambitious real estate juggler Siegfried Nehls, CEO of Sanus AG. He is well-acquainted with the court system for various accusations including: the forgery of documents, the misuse of titles and fraud. Nehls likes to operate out of an opaque network of fictitious companies and subsidiaries, which is so confusing that he sometimes loses the overview himself. In 2007 he “forgot” to pay out his former fictitious agent, Besnik Fichtner, who was supposed to buy Köpi at an auction for him, accordingly. This is a man who had explained to astonished journalists that he wanted to build a marina on a piece of newly acquired property, but apparently had no time to take a look at the city plan beforehand…

The Nehls network appears to frequently cheat small craft companies and subcontractors out of their money, which even led to a major nationwide raid in 2007. Nevertheless, Fichtner officially became the owner of Köpi after the auction and concluded unlimited rental agreements for the apartments. In addition to this, the ground floor and cellar were rented to the residents. These contracts remain valid, even though meanwhile, the two rogues appear to have reached an agreement, and Startezia GmbH, based in Cologne, is now the official owner. However, this imaginary name is nothing more than a dodgy business front for the Nehls network.

The following is not only true for the dubious seller, but rather: WHOEVER BUYS KÖPI BUYS TROUBLE! For almost 30 years, it has not only offered affordable living space, but is also home to various self-organised projects. It is also one of the last places in the center without commercial motive, where people from all over the world can meet and exchange ideas. We live, work and party HERE and have maintained the house with a lot of effort over the years. We also do so consciously without having ever begged for a single cent from the state, city, political parties, landlords or other “benefactors”. Why should we? The Köpi belongs to us, we organize our lives by ourselves, and it will stay that way!

Since 1990 countless bands, theatre groups and political activists have conquered and intense friendships have formed with visitors and like-minded projects, far beyond the borders of Berlin and Germany. These are people who we know we can count on for their solidarity when things get serious, just as they can count on us. We never walk alone; and we have nothing to lose…

Even Nehls, who has the reputation of being an unscrupulous businessman in Berlin, has recognized this. For example, Sanus AG, located at Braunschweiger Str. 21, which is also part of the 100 million package, is sticking to their construction plans for luxury micro-apartments, despite massive protests by residents, the dream of a boat trip to a Köpi concert seems to be over. An attempt is now being made to get rid of the potentially conflict-laden site of Köpi and leave the risky new development to a potential buyer instead. But we will neither be impressed nor intimidated by a new owner.

Köpi remains venture capital!

Rozbrat zostaje!

Köpenicker Straße 137
10179 Berlin

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When the people lead, leaders follow — lessons from the fight to impeach and remove Trump

Waging Nonviolence -

Without hearing from witnesses or reviewing new evidence, the Senate declared last week that our Constitution does not apply to the powerful few — effectively granting this lawless president unrestricted power. The 52 senators who voted to cover up Donald Trump’s crimes accepted the argument presented by his defense team, which is that: “If a president does something he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.” As a result, these senators showed that their loyalty lies not with the American people but with a strongman. Their actions are not only a betrayal to you and me, but they put our rights and lives in danger by consenting to further abuses of power by this administration.

Previous Coverage
  • How a growing movement made impeachment politically feasible
  • While this is clearly a scary and dangerous moment, there are also many reasons to be hopeful and feel powerful. I say this as someone who has been organizing in the trenches of impeachment with By the People for the past year and a half. Despite the Senate voting to cover up Trump’s crimes, our movement for impeachment secured critical victories that will propel us forward in the longer battle for American democracy. Over the course of this campaign, we built an American majority across race, gender, class, generation, geography, and political party in support of impeaching and removing Trump from office. Through months of sustained grassroots pressure and hundreds of mobilizations, we won an inquiry, got two articles, and impeached this dangerous president in the House of Representatives — all by making it a political necessity for them to act. Then, after nearly three years of unaccountability, we forced the Senate to put Trump on trial for coercing Ukraine to interfere in our elections on his behalf, and secured the first bipartisan vote in favor of convicting a president in U.S. history.

    Although we didn’t attain the 67 votes we needed, all of the Democrats plus Rep. Sen. Mitt Romney voted to convict on abuse of power and thus denied Trump the partisan vindication he’d long been seeking. Throughout the impeachment contest, we forced the conflict between democracy and authoritarianism into the open and exposed the depth of the crisis in America. Millions of people now know which political leaders will side with their rights and freedoms and which politicians are willing to sell them out to dictatorship for their own personal gain. By rising up to stop what we could not tolerate, we demonstrated that when Congress is unwilling to enforce the Constitution, the people will.

    By the People held a rally near the Capitol Building as the final vote was taking place on Feb. 5. (By the People/Anthony Torres)

    Despite being told that impeachment was politically infeasible, we made it inevitable. Rather than waiting for others to provide direction and unite the anti-Trump resistance, By the People stepped up to make what is necessary possible. We believed in, and were committed to, building a campaign that could change the whole conversation of impeachment by showing that people were willing to fight for it in the real world. Images of young people being repeatedly arrested in congressional offices simply for asking their elected representatives to do their job helped attract and shape public and political attention. These actions created space for champions to respond to the calls of an increasingly vocal movement, such as when Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Al Green introduced the first House resolution to launch an impeachment inquiry alongside us just after we’d sat in at Nancy Pelosi’s office making that very same demand.

    In December, the day after we won impeachment, By the People led an occupation of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s D.C. office to demonstrate to the larger public that we were not done fighting. We also showed our allies and supporters that the best strategy for placing a difficult Senate trial on our terms was to leverage the threat of escalated mobilization. These successes and interventions created a snowball effect that encouraged many more fence-sitters to jump into the fight — contributing their resources, numbers and unique capabilities to the growing movement ecosystem. When By the People launched its campaign in August of 2018, there were few organizations actively pushing for impeachment. By February of 2020, we were partnering with dozens of national groups to demand his removal. To quote Star Wars Resistance hero Poe Dameron, “Good people will fight if we lead them.”

    Obviously, however, Trump is still in office, and there are many lessons and failures to wrangle with if we are to ultimately defeat this corrupt regime. For starters, while By the People and other groups — such as Remove Trump and Swarm the Senate — understood the potency of mass direct action, we didn’t do enough to make our mobilizations match the historic moment we were facing. They simply didn’t look or sound much different from more traditional protest tactics, and we didn’t escalate to a level of mass disruption and non-cooperation as much as we should have.

    By the People activists pose outside the Capitol Building on Feb 5. (By the People/Anthony Torres)

    The scale of mobilization for impeachment was in some ways limited by the unwillingness of some progressive or anti-Trump organizations to take the fight seriously. Every attack from this administration was confronted as a separate issue, rather than as a coordinated onslaught against our democracy. Too many leaders, funders and organizers on the left continue to view Trump’s abuses of power through a lens of politics as usual. This misdiagnosis denies the reality that Trump is actively eliminating systemic checks on his power and rigging the elections — our most basic form of asserting accountability and flexing citizen power — through voter suppression, and disinformation, as well as by coercing and soliciting foreign government interference. As a result, many saw the impeachment struggle as outside their purview and ceded the struggle in turn.

    Among the organizations that did eventually join the impeachment coalition, too many preferred to follow the narrow approach of House leadership rather than unite behind a powerful and cohesive message. This failure reduced pressure on the House to pass expanded articles of impeachment for the full range of Trump’s crimes and, thus, weakened the overall argument for Trump’s removal. The family separation crisis, the Muslim Ban, Kavanaugh, the threat of war with Iran — each should have been rallying cries for impeachment and removal.

    (By The People/Anthony Torres)

    Had the actual charges against Trump condemned the full pattern of corruption, racism, misogyny and criminality — as By the People, Free Speech for People, and Women’s March (among others) long called for — it would have been more difficult for Trump’s defenders to cast the Ukraine scandal as an aberration. What’s more, it would have set a stronger precedent against future presidents committing similar Trumpian violations. All that would no doubt have fired up the larger base of people who have been resisting Trump’s attacks for three years — enabling them to see the impeachment fight as not only a priority, but a decisive and compelling critique of everything Trump has done to put Americans in danger in pursuit of his own personal gain.

    Make no mistake: the acquittal of Trump shows the extent to which our institutions are failing, unable and/or unwilling to protect us from the ascent of fascism. We cannot expect action without major mobilization — when the people lead, leaders follow. Therefore, just as we did on impeachment, we, the people, must take responsibility for our lives, our liberties and our country’s future. Every American must make a choice: Will you fight for democracy or will you submit to dictatorship? Every day and every battle from this point onward is a struggle to defeat authoritarianism and to achieve a democracy that for the first time serves and represents all of us. The urgency and scale of the common threat we face requires us to continue to threaten Trump’s rule before the election and to be prepared to mobilize against him if he refuses to leave office.

    We still know and hold these truths to be self evident: Trump was and is guilty. Impeachment and removal remains the only pathway for stopping a tyrannical president. If we are to be free and safe, then we must remove Trump from office. This fight has never been about Democrats vs. Republicans. Our trajectory must be toward transforming this political system, and removing this president will allow us to move closer to making our country’s revolutionary promise of liberty and justice for all a reality.

    By the People built a grassroots campaign for impeachment and removal in service of a much larger pro-democracy movement. While the trial is over, our work remains to remove Trump and every one of his cronies and enablers from office. We will rise alongside Reps. Tlaib and Green, who responded early on to our calls to action and acted with moral courage, and we will replace those who violated their oath and betrayed their country. We will sustain our resistance to the abuses and atrocities that we cannot tolerate from this administration. We will be vigilant in securing free and fair elections. We will contest for power at the ballot box and in the streets. We will continue to call on Congress to pass articles of impeachment for all of Trump’s crimes. We will combat rising white nationalism. We will sound the alarm as Trump strives to expand his authority. The day we stop fighting for democracy is the day we lose it. Just as past Americans came together to defeat kings and Jim Crow, we will unite to make this country what it should be: a government of, by and for the people.

    Athens: Notara 26 attacked by cops

    House Occupation News -


    Last night at Notara26 Refugee/Migrant Housing squat, we were attacked for the third time in the past six months by the state uniformed bullies.
    Around 4:30 am – only a few minutes after one more attempt by undercover police to intimidate one of our comrades who was on her way to our squat- a riot squad, totally unprovoked, surrounded our squat twice.
    The first time they were flashing their torches and laser pointers into our lobby persistently trying to see our faces and how many we were. They then withdrew for about ten minutes but came back reinforced. Τhis time apart from torches and laser pointers, they tried to force our squat’s door open.
    These practices of the uniformed state terrorists DO NOT SCARE US! We are here, we continue our everyday struggle against fascism, racism and repression. We form strong solidarity and comradeship ties.
    The only result this kind of bullying can have is to bring us even more together and our ranks closer!!!
    There is only one thing to say…

    Assembly of Notara 26, 10/2/2020

    Housing squat for refugees/migrants Notara 26
    notara26 [at] riseup [dot] net

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    Canada: arrests as protesters block ports and railways in support of Wetʼsuwetʼen

    The Guardian | Protest -

    • Indigenous groups fighting construction of 670km gas pipeline
    • Chiefs says they never ceded land and thus still control it

    Protesters across Canada have blocked access to road shipping ports and commuter rail lines in support of Indigenous groups fighting the construction of a pipeline on their traditional territory.

    Early on Monday, police arrested several activists in Vancouver, who were part of a group that has blocked access to four shipping ports in recent days.

    “You are not welcome here! This is #Wetsuweten territory! We are unarmed. We are peaceful... You! Are invaders!” Eve, holding an Eagle feather, stands off with RCMP tactical units at Gidimt’en checkpoint moments ago. RCMP appear to be moving in. #bcpoli #cdnpoli #WetsuwetenStrong

    Related: Pipeline battle puts focus on Canada's disputed right to use indigenous land

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    Athens: Hands off Exarcheia. New Democracy’s War on Anarchists

    House Occupation News -


    On July 8th, 2019, the New Democracy government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis assumed power in Greece, after campaigning on a promise to ‘clean up’ the central Athens neighbourhood of Exarcheia, and ‘take it back’ from the anarchists. Since then, the Greek state has launched a renewed attack against the anarchist and self-organized migrant movements, targeting squats and promising future raids. Against this threat, Greek anarchists have responded with characteristic resolve and determination.
    Featuring interview with Pangiotis Varthalis of the squat Lelas Karagiannis 37
    Translated by Boubouras (Act For Freedom Now)

    Lelas Karagianni 37

    Some squats in Greece:
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    London: Paddington Green Police Station occupation in anticipation of our week of action

    House Occupation News -

    On the night of February 7th, a group of activists from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front, alongside squatters and other activists, occupied the abandoned High security police station at Paddington Green. The intention is to hold the space and turn it into a community centre, the activities of which will culminate in a week of action against capitalism.
    This is motivated by the belief that capitalism by its very nature will continue to destroy our planet and ultimately our civilisation. We chose this building because the police have time and again shown that they will gladly break their own laws to suppress any challenge to the entrenched, unjust, systems our society is based on.
    Only by moving beyond the inherent oppression of capitalism to a system based on co-operation and communality, can we hope to survive in any meaningful way to the end of this century.
    During the week of action the space will host workshops, skill shares, socials, planning sessions and a wide variety of other informative and entertaining events while also acting as a base from which to launch actions to reclaim our public space from corporations and government, and strike at the very heart of capital. We will show the mega rich and powerful that we will not stand for their greed and corruption.

    Green Anticapitalist week of action
    24 February – 2 March

    The British government has been elected and, with the Tories in power, it looks bleaker for the future of our planet than ever before.

    Now is the time to fight back.

    To show resistance to the ecocide being committed by the capitalist class and supported by many in Parliament, we call you to join us for a Week of Action! Every day for a week in February (24/02–02/03) we will be organising events and protests to let the leaders and the people of this country know that we are here to fight for the survival of our planet by facing capitalism head on.

    From reclaiming unoccupied buildings for our communities, organising workshops and social events to raise awareness and encourage self-reliance, to reclaiming public space for nature by guerilla gardening, and being loud and clear about our rage against profit-making by stockbrokers and their like at the expense of our planet and fellow humans – join our Week of Action, whether by organising yourselves locally or joining our actions, to let them know that even under Tory rule we’ll keep fighting capitalism for our planet!

    Email greenanticapitalistfront [at] riseup [dot] net to get involved with organising.

    Activists occupy Paddington Green police station

    On the night of February 7th a group of activists from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF), alongside squatters and other activists, occupied the abandoned high security police station at Paddington Green in London. If all goes well, the activists plan to spend the third night in the building today.

    The police station was best known as a high security detention place where people suspected of terrorism were held and questioned. It was closed and decommissioned in 2018.

    According to GAF’s press release, “the intention is to hold the space and turn it into a community centre, the activities of which will culminate in a week of action against capitalism. This is motivated by the belief that capitalism by its very nature will continue to destroy our planet and ultimately our civilisation. Only by ending capitalism and finding a new system, immediately, can we hope to survive in any meaningful way to the end of this century. During the week of action the space will host workshops, skill shares, socials, planning sessions and a wide variety of other informative and entertaining events while also acting as a base from which to launch actions to reclaim our public space from corporations and government, and strike at the very heart of capital. We will show the mega rich and powerful that we will not stand for their greed and corruption.”

    Yesterday, the police attempted to illegaly evict the space, claiming that it is a residential building (and therefore illegal to squat) and, reportedly, that not allowing the cops to come in and use the toilet is a breach of human rights. This eviction attempt was succesfuly stopped by the activists.

    Currently, the police station is being turned into a community space: Green Radical Anticapitalist Social Squat aka GRASS: a move GAF London described as “the first time since it’s construction that this police station has been put to good use!”

    Paddington Green Police Station occupation happened at the same day when the group of activists known as BP or not BP took over the British Museum to protest BP’s sponsorship of a Troy exhibition. The British Museum occupation ended after more than 50 hours.

    Green Anticapitalist Front
    greenanticapitalistfront [at] riseup [dot] net

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    Green Anticapitalist Front
    Freedom News

    Drive-By Truckers: 'We have redneck in us. No one tells us what to do'

    The Guardian | Protest -

    The band are shocking their fanbase with new album The Unraveling, full of fury about the state of America – from school shootings to caged kids. We meet the angry Alabamans

    Mike Cooley has a gift for aphorism. “Paranoia’s like pulled pork,” he says, in his deep Alabama baritone. “It’s on menus all over the world, but in the American south it’s special.” That one is the final line of a riff on guns and why southerners like weapons, one of the subjects that crops up on Drive-By Truckers’ 12th album, The Unraveling.

    Cooley and Patterson Hood, his fellow guitarist-singer-songwriter in the Truckers, are eating lamb meatballs on a chilly afternoon in New York, on the day The Unraveling is released. The title seems apt. A few hundred miles south, in Washington DC, Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is stalling in the Senate; across the Atlantic, as we speak, the UK is leaving the EU. “Unfortunately, we kinda saw it coming,” Hood says of the release date. “Things are so crazy right now, you never know what’s gonna happen next. You just know it’s gonna be ridiculous and shitty.”

    My daughter got locked in a closet with 27 other kids for 20 minutes – to prepare for someone shooting up their school

    I don’t want these people to think I’m walking away because they said mean things about me

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    Madrid and Berlin: brochure from squatters and resisting spots

    House Occupation News -

    A sea of possibilities in the concrete desert: Territory, city and insurrection’ – Madrid & Berlin

    This publication is a compilation of texts that emerges from the discussions and the work we started in the wake of the event “A sea of possibilities in the concrete desert. Territory, city and insurrection” that happened in Madrid during June 2019 in la Emboscada and Local Anarquista Motín. Is the product of a joint work of some comrades from Berlin and Madrid, that does not finish with the publication of this pages and pretends to extend the discussion that we have shared.

    What does it mean to take territory against the State and Capitalism? How can we take it through our struggles? How does it work domination in the territories that we inhabit? Does it mean our way of living in a territory a conflict with the system?

    December 2019,
    Madrid and Berlin.

    La Emboscada
    Calle de las Azucenas 67 – Tetuán
    28039 Madrid
    laemboscada [at] riseup [dot] net

    Local anarquista Motín
    Calle de Matilde Hernandez nº47
    28025 Madrid
    localanarquistamotin [at] riseup [dot] net

    Some squats in Madrid:
    Groups (social centres, collectives, squats) in Madrid:
    Events in Madrid:

    Groups in Berlin
    Events in Berlin

    Activists try to occupy British Museum in protest against BP ties

    The Guardian | Protest -

    Environmental group puts pressure on museum to end its partnership with oil company

    Dozens of activists have coated themselves in plaster and are trying to occupy the British Museum overnight in a bid to pressure the institution to cut ties with oil corporation BP.

    About 60 protesters were taking part in the defiant act of impromptu sculpture making as the museum in London attempted to close its doors at 5pm on Saturday.

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    Climate activists bring Trojan horse to British Museum in BP protest

    The Guardian | Protest -

    Activists dressed as warriors protest against corporate sponsorship deal with oil firm

    Activists have taken a Trojan horse into the grounds of the British Museum to protest against its sponsorship deal with the oil corporation BP.

    Protesters dressed as ancient Greek warriors snuck their 13ft-tall wooden horse through a side gate at 7.30am on Friday and pulled it on to the forecourt in front of the museum’s entrance.

    Related: Greenpeace blocks BP HQ with solar panels on new CEO's first day

    BREAKING! We have just brought a huge Trojan Horse into the @britishmuseum because #BPmustfall

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    Rotterdam: Free Anton !

    House Occupation News -

    He has a smiling face, his eyes are filled with sweetness and in the midst of silence, I can still hear him shouting Fuck them and their law.

    He recounts how he got arrested. How he just wanted to go back to see some friends, saw cops passing. And no luck, they started following him. Abusive identity check. The arrest quickly turned into a humiliating and violent chase. He was the first victim of the heightening repression in the neighbourhood. January the 22nd two thousand and twenty. 1:12 p.m.

    He shows us how the policeman kneed him in the stomach. They beat him.

    And despite the fractures caused by his violent arrest, he has not received medical treatment. He is simply given painkillers without any psychological assistance. Inhumane reality of these closed places.

    They refuse to release him before his hearing. He will therefore have to wait alone behind bars.

    But we are not going to let him go in silence.

    He remembers Belarus, prison, political persecution; the horror to which they want to send him back.

    I recall how our lost paths crossed in Tweebosbuurt. How soon we will be separated.

    On February 12th, 2020, Anton’s demand for asylum will be heard. Six days to decide on someone’s life or death.

    Anton wrote his asylum request alone, without a lawyer, beaten by the heartbreak of his flight and the suffocation of his dreams. It will surely be refused. They’re incapable of hearing the truth which he expresses in his own words.

    Anton is thus at risk of losing his last trial and will probably be thrown on a plane on the evening of February the 12th.

    Anton will then arrive in Poland, where he is dublinized, but the fascist drift of the government will quickly take him up in the air to Belarus.

    Anton has no strength left and risks taking his destiny in his own hands for one the last time.

    Anton risks death here or elsewhere.

    For Anton, because no one should undergo such treatment, let’s come together this February 12th at the court of Rotterdam (Wilhelminanplein 100-125) or in front of the Dutch embassy closest to you!

    Free Anton!

    More info: squat-vestia [at] riseup [dot] net
    OpenPGP Signature : C3E3 8AEA FB8A 58DD 5ED8 11CF 956E ADCD 4837 E212

    Some squats in the Netherlands:
    Groups (social center, collective, squat) in the Netherlands:
    Events in the Netherlands:


    Police Scotland sent out guide listing Extinction Rebellion with neo-Nazis

    The Guardian | Protest -

    Guide listing environment protest groups alongside white supremacists had been widely condemned

    Scottish counter-terrorism officers sent out a controversial guide listing Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace alongside neo-Nazi groups within the past few weeks, despite widespread condemnation of the document.

    Police Scotland confirmed to the Guardian that it had circulated documents listing the environment protest groups alongside dozens of extremist neo-Nazi organisations, including several banned for terrorist violence, across the public sector last month.

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    Brazil: Olive Garden urban occupation under threat of eviction

    House Occupation News -

    Activists from the Black Flag anarchist collective report that the squatted site, which houses more than 200 families in the southern Brazilian city of Araquari, is fighting back against threats from the City Hall to send the dogs in.

    Jardim das Oliveiras (The Olive Garden) is a self-organised squatted zone near the center of the city which has existed on the site for more than a decade, but received a court repossession order just before Christmas giving them 30 days to leave.

    The land is controlled by the Secretaria do Patrimônio da União (SPU), a federal body linked to the Ministry of Planning, and has seen multiple prior eviction attempts the families including raids and notices to leave in 2014 and 2017.

    Despite the State’s hostility however about 680 people still live on the large site, including 245 children, most having been forced there through rent difficulties or having lost other land and in recent years residents had been hopeful of some permanence after they started paying utility bills to the city council fir services such as rubbish removal. Much of the community is self-sustaining, with residents growing their own food on site.

    Residents have been mobilising to ask for “regularisation” (the right to stay) in all houses which are currently in place and earlier this month around 800 people including residents and supporters rallied at Hercílio Luz bridge and City Hall to bring attention to their troubles. Eight houses were originally regularised in 2009 but the government has been reluctant to offer the same security to anyone else.

    SPU had previously, in 2018, given the nod to City Hall to essentially donate the area to the residents, however municipal authorities, led by Cabinet chief Pâmela Cristina Vieira, failed to take them up on the office citing the “urbanisation costs” of streets, lighting and sanitation, and the offer has now expired.

    One resident, Solange Borges Mota, lives at the site with her two children, a three-month-old and a seven-year-old girl. She explained: “I don’t have a relative’s house, I have nowhere to put my children. I have no way to pay rent, we have already come here because we have nowhere to live.”

    Indigenous resident and occupation activist Josias dos Santos has been part of the occupation for the last nine years. At the city hall demonstration he said:

    We just want to live, to be able to have our family around us, to have schools, the best for society.

    Among us there are people who are in wheelchairs, people who are not even able to give a rallying cry today.

    In a supporting statement, the Black Flag Collective said:

    In the last few weeks we have been informed about the possibility of these 200 families being evicted by the State, including its use of guard dogs, judicial and police powers to meet the demands of the ruling class.

    In the last few decades we have followed the terrible interest in profits of large companies and local politicians who, with false speeches about bringing “economic development” make the land profit only the few, destroy the natural wealth of the locality, violate indigenous peoples and massacre the working class that migrates in search of work, education, housing, health, transportation and leisure.

    What is the fear of the powerful with the permanence of 200 families, including 245 children and adolescents, in cental Araquari?

    They fear the organization of the low. In this scenario the 200 families of Jardim das Oliveiras might open windows to build other forms of resistance against all the exploitation that Araquari has been suffering at the hands of the local and international political and economic class.

    Therefore, we understand that, even with the little strength we can have in front of the powerful, we are joining forces in the act of solidarity with men, women of all ages, children and adolescents in the occupation.


    Freedom News

    Brighton: Direct action to prevent deaths on the streets

    House Occupation News -

    A squatted night shelter in Brighton is housing homeless people. The Canary visited the squat and spoke to residents about the project.

    Back in December 2019, people in Brighton called an emergency meeting to discuss how to act in solidarity with those facing life on the streets. The initiative was taken by Brighton’s Queer AF anti-fascist alliance and other grassroots groups.

    Soon, activists took control of an empty Kodak shop on Brighton’s London Road and began using it to house rough sleepers. This week, the group squatted another unused building: the old Poundstretcher building on London Road.

    The group named itself the DIY Kodak Collective [and can be found on Facebook].

    Pinky, a homeless person who is part of the squatting crew, told The Canary why the project was needed:

    People died on the street in Brighton last year, and there are 665 empty commercial buildings in the city.

    We knew that this winter was going to be even more brutal than last year.

    Figures released in 2018 showed that at least 20 rough sleepers had died in Brighton in the past year, out of a total of at least 449 deaths across the UK.

    [Brighton and Hove] Council has only opened the SWEP [Severe Weather Emergency Protocol] shelter a handful of times this winter.

    Benny, a regular user of the squatted shelter, explained why people often don’t want to use the SWEP:

    The SWEP has been opened a handful of nights because of the severe weather. You get a little something to eat and then get kicked out by 7am. It’s depressing.

    Here you can sleep as long as you want, and it’s a safe space.

    Vicci, another member of the crew, said that it’s not safe for immigrants without papers to go to the SWEP, as the council are working with the Border Agency.

    The Canary contacted Brighton and Hove Council for a response. We had received no reply by the time of publication.

    “The strength of the project is that housed and unhoused people are working together,” said Vicci. And according to Pinky, “activist networks and the street community have merged to form the Kodak collective”.

    The shelter is staffed by a crew made up of both rough sleepers and housed people, who ensure that the shelter remains a safe and welcoming place. The squats provide a sociable community space in the daytime and a warm place to sleep at night. They are also being used as a place to distribute essentials like food and bedding.

    The collective makes decisions about the project by consensus, and the collective members try to avoid hierarchies emerging between the housed and unhoused people. According to Pinky, “it wasn’t like anyone was telling each other what to do”.

    The collective is holding regular meetings, and has set up a ‘Mediation and Care Crew’ to solve any disputes as well as a media group and legal team.

    In the future, the collective wants to set up a queer-feminist space and a youth space too.

    Vicci said that several rough sleepers who came to the night shelter have since been housed after the collective helped them to put their case to the council.

    Meanwhile, residents at the shelter are selling Dope Magazine – a new quarterly publication by anarchist publisher Dog Section Press. Copies of Dope Magazine are distributed free to homeless people for them to sell.

    Benny told The Canary:

    Sometimes I don’t feel in the space to go to the meetings… but I know they are being held with the best interests of the people here in mind.

    Homeless people can perfectly easily get into buildings [and squat them] – but with the support of the collective we work together to make them liveable.

    The way this space is run is so fantastic – a space that’s looked after by a team of trustworthy people. If I’m unwell and have to leave for a few days, I can come back and the space is still open and welcoming.

    It’s so important, especially if you are unwell and depressed.

    According to Matty, another resident and crew member:

    Here you can invite a friend in and they’re also welcome, whereas in a hostel everyone who is not a resident is banned

    The DIY Kodak Collective is a good model that could be replicated across the UK. “People should start similar projects where they live,” said Pinky. “There’s one in Manchester, the Manchester Winter Shelter.”

    The squats have all received papers informing the residents of eviction proceedings. But the collective is calling for donations to keep going:

    we need to raise funds… These funds will go towards transport for the furniture and other donations at the site, towards securing the next space and making it safe and habitable, towards stocking it with the necessary resources to continue to provide the services that the Kodak shelter provides, and towards helping find a long term housing solution for the residents of the shelter. Please give what you can, thank you.


    Amsterdam: Five years since Bungehuis occupation

    House Occupation News -

    2019 was the year of the demonstration. 2020 will be the year of the uprising. That’s why we’re not only looking forward to this film night with the Vrije Bond Amsterdam, but also look back on previous protests to see what we can learn from them for the future. We pay special attention to the student protests. We will watch Street Politics 101 and have a discussion with veterans of the student protests, but also with the new generation of demonstrators.

    We will hold a somewhat special performance of the film evening to mark the fifth anniversary of the Bungehuis occupation. We will also try to learn from this history and talk about new protests, such as the occupation of the P.C. Hoofthuis in 2018. What can we learn from each other for years to come where an even more repressive state and further deterioration of social services threaten? How can we work together towards more freedom and solidarity?