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Amsterdam: Always Anti-Anti-kraak

House Occupation News -

Sunday afternoon there was a small action at a former squat in Amsterdam Noord. The squatters are angry, because in the evicted building is now an anti squat workspace. The building, that had been squatted already for 3 times, got evicted last summer. It turns out it got evicted for anti-squat. Below a statement of the squatters:

Today we are here to put the situation surrounding the building in the middle of your neighborhood under attention. The old pizzeria on Statenjachtstraat 598. Probably the recent history of this building is still known to you, but to summarize:
After years of vacancy, last year the building got bought by to rich real estate dealers, Axel Veldboom and Frans Blom. Last summer, the place got resquatted (it was already squatted 2 times before). It was clear for the squatters that there were no short term plans for the building. But the owners did have a plan. A pretty ambitious and unrealistic plan, to build an enormous building in the middle of the neigbourhood.
The state decided to start a procedure to evict the squatters, squatting is forbidden, and the owner claims to have a plan. The squatters decided to fight the state in court, to prevent the eviction. In a court case like this the importance of interests is being weighed against each other by a judge, or at least it should be. On one side the needs of the state for having the place evicted, and on the other side the needs of the squatters, to be able to have a place to live.
The story of the owner was simple, the asbestos had to be taken out of the building, in order to be able to demolish it, ready the ground for construction, and start the new building plans. By the time they would have destroyed everything, they figured they would have all the permits ready.
The state without doubt took over these statements, and the judge agreed. The squatters got evicted.
By now, the asbestos has been taken out, and the building has been empty again for couple of months.
Then all of a sudden, last week, an advertisement shows up on facebook that there is a “creative, slightly destroyed, but not lost work space” is available in the Banne.
The house is being rented out as an anti-squat atelier. As the squatters predicted, the plans are far from finished. 7 People lost their house. Evicted by the state to protect the rich housing speculators, that want to put a yuppie flat here. And now there will be some kind of hip atelier, with the only goal being the prevention of the building being squatted again.
Anti-squat might sound nice, you can get a cheap nice place to do something creative, or even live. But you shouldn’t forget the point of anti-squat. The point is preventing that the building gets squatted. It’s a tool that is used by real estate owners to speculate and make money. You lose all you rights. Sadly there is not much we can do anymore with this building, but we didn’t wanted to go quietly.
The action went pretty smooth, some banners were put on the fences surrounding the building, some music was played, flyers were handed out to the neighbors. Some interested people stayed for a bit to discuss the situation. Incidentally, the anti-squatters were there at the same moment, settling in their new work space. They were not sure what to think about the situation, from one side they thought it was sad the squatters got evicted, from the other side they were happy with the new place they are renting for 200 euro a month, to start their new furniture workshop. Police came, after the usual nitpicking they gave their permission for the “demonstration”.

Some squats in the Netherlands:
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antikraak = antisquat
source: Indymedia

Trump demands Nascar driver Bubba Wallace apologize over noose incident – live

The Guardian | Protest -

3.19pm BST

The supreme court has issued its ruling on so-called “faithless electors,” members of the electoral college who try to vote for a presidential candidate who did not win their state.

In a unanimous decision wrtten by justice Elena Kagan, the court said, “We now affirm the Washington Supreme Court’s judgment that a State may enforce its pledge law against an elector.”

2.51pm BST

The supreme court will soon start issuing today’s decisions, marking the first time in 24 years that the court has issued opinions in July.

The Supreme Court begins what *might* be its final week with decisions at 10. You know what's left: religious cases, Trump financial records, faithless electors, etc. Will be the first opinions issued in July since 1996, if that matters to you

2.32pm BST

This is Joan Greve in Washington, taking over for Martin Belam.

Trump’s tweet attacking Bubba Wallace, Nascar’s only top black driver, also overlooks the fact that it was not Wallace who discovered and reported the pull rope resembling a noose.

From @BubbaWallace on June 24 “I want to say how relieved I am the investigation revealed this wasn’t what we feared it was. I want to thank NASCAR & the FBI for acting swiftly & treating this as a real threat. We’ll gladly take a little embarrassment over the alternatives”

2.01pm BST

Donald Trump has just launched an attack on Nascar driver Bubba Wallace, that is breathtaking even by the president’s usual standards.

While seeming to complain about Nascar’s decision to ban the Confederate flag, and criticising the sports’ TV ratings, Trump is asking if Wallace has apologised after a noose found in his garage sparked an investigation.

Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!

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1.44pm BST

Atlanta’s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has pleaded for an end to violence in the city, after a weekend which saw the deadly shooting of a young girl. A $10,000 reward for information has been offered as authorities searched for at least two people who opened fire on the car she was riding in.

The victim, identified on Saturday night as Secoriea Turner, was just 8 years old. “You shot and killed a baby,” the mayor said. “And there wasn’t just one shooter, there were at least two shooters.”

If you want people to take us seriously, and you don’t want us to lose this movement, then we can’t lose each other in this. There are peaceful demonstrators across this city and across this country, and I applaud them and I thank them for being peaceful and for honoring the lives of so many people who have been killed in America because of injustice. But this random wild, wild West, shoot ‘em up because you can, it has got to stop. It has to stop.

1.22pm BST

Donald Trump has weighed straight in as his first tweet of the day on the tearing down of the Frederick Douglass statue in Rochester claiming it shows “these anarchists have no bounds!”

Statue of Frederick Douglass Torn Down in Rochester via @BreitbartNews. This shows that these anarchists have no bounds!

What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days of the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is a constant victim. To him, your celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; your sounds of rejoicing are empty and heartless; your denunciation of tyrants, brass fronted impudence; your shouts of liberty and equality, hollow mockery; your prayers and hymns, your sermons and thanksgivings, with all your religious parade and solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety, and hypocrisy—a thin veil to cover up crimes that would disgrace a nation of savages. There is not a nation of the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.

12.31pm BST

Lauren Aratani has been reporting for us in New York on the economic impact of Covid-19 on Gen Z, many of whom are at the formative years of trying to start careers and adult lives, just as the economy has been shattered by the pandemic.

The unemployment rate for teens ages 16 to 19 peaked at 31% in April, more than double the national rate of 14.7%. College graduates who only months ago were on track to enter one of the best job markets in US history have instead landed in one of the worst. A slate of summer internships and jobs have been cancelled and they are worried about their parents struggling to pay bills.

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12.25pm BST

With so much focus on the coronavirus outbreak at home, it is sometime easy to forget that geopolitics is going on. There’s a reminder today for the Trump administration, after China opted to again criticise US military actions in the South China Sea.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said joint exercises involving two US aircraft carrier groups in the strategic waterway were performed totally out of ulterior motives and undermined stability in the area.

12.16pm BST

More details are emerging about Summer Taylor, the protester who was killed when a car was driven into them in Seattle at the weekend.

It is with great sorrow that we are closing our doors tomorrow, Sunday, July 5th to honor the loss of one of our own, Summer Taylor. Summer was one of the protestors hit by a car on I-5 in the early morning of July 4, 2020. The suddenness and circumstances of this tragic loss has taken a great toll on all of us. In order to support our employees and give them time to grieve, all of our practices (Capitol Hill, Downtown and White Center) will be closed July 5, 2020. All practices will reopen Monday, July 6th with reduced hours and capacity. . . Please call to inquire.

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11.53am BST

Our Joan E Greve has been looking at whether swing states may be up for grabs as Covid-19 hits Republican strongholds. While the coronavirus outbreak may have initially hit coastal metropolitan areas solidly seen as Democratic strongholds, the picture has changed.

States that reopened quickly, as the president advised, are now seeing a surge in cases and a rising hospitalizations and that is impacting the Republican heartland. States that Trump won in 2016 account for about 75% of the new cases. A few of those are key swing states that Trump will almost certainly need to win again to secure a second term. And as the devastation of the pandemic spreads across the country, other states long considered to be reliably Republican also appear increasingly up for grabs.

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11.46am BST

Axios this morning are reporting on a new Joe Biden campaign initiative - chats with celebs on Insta.

The campaign, called #TeamJoeTalks, is an attempt to open up a new front on social media, drawing on celebrities’ Instagram followers to help find and motivate voters while large parts of the country remain locked down.

11.35am BST

Here’s our updated tracker of the countries with the most cases of the coronavirus - showing the US way out ahead.

Latino and African-American residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbors, according to the new data, which provides detailed characteristics of 640,000 infections detected in nearly 1,000 U.S. counties. And Black and Latino people have been nearly twice as likely to die from the virus as white people, the data shows.

Experts point to circumstances that have made Black and Latino people more likely than white people to be exposed to the virus: Many of them have front-line jobs that keep them from working at home; rely on public transportation; or live in cramped apartments or multigenerational homes.

11.15am BST

Here’s more from the Associated Press on the removal of the Frederick Douglass statue overnight. It was ripped from its base in Rochester on the anniversary of one of his most famous speeches, delivered in that city in 1852.

Police said the statue of Douglass was taken on Sunday from Maplewood Park, a site along the Underground Railroad where Douglass and Harriet Tubman helped shuttle slaves to freedom.

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11.10am BST

Good morning, welcome to our rolling coverage of US politics, which understandably is still very much focussed on both the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing Black Lives Matter protest movement. Here’s a quick catch-up

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Summer Taylor, protester killed in Seattle, honored for 'standing up for black lives'

The Guardian | Protest -

Taylor was killed in Seattle on Saturday when a man drove his car into a crowd protesting against police brutality

A person who was killed on Saturday when a man who drove his car on to a closed Seattle freeway and into a crowd protesting against police brutality was remembered as someone dedicated to the cause.

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Extend US Facebook boycott to Europe, campaigners urge

The Guardian | Protest -

Calls follow Mark Zuckerberg’s dismissal of anti-hate-speech campaign in meeting with staff

Campaigners are calling for an advertising boycott of Facebook in the US to be extended to Europe, after its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, dismissed the effects of the campaign in a meeting with staff.

A growing number of companies have halted advertising on Facebook after criticism that the platform was not doing enough to counter hate speech on its sites.

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It seems black lives don't matter quite so much, now that we've got to the hard bit | Nesrine Malik

The Guardian | Protest -

Many who were quick to support Black Lives Matter protests are fading away as it becomes clear what real change demands

It didn’t take long. The wheels of the Black Lives Matter movement are already starting to get stuck in the mire of doubt and suspicion. A few short weeks ago, politicians were eager to be photographed taking the knee in solidarity with the movement; now they’re desperate to distance themselves from what the movement demands – such as moving funds away from policing and into mental health services and youth work to prevent crime occurring in the first place. After a respectful period during which it would have been tone deaf to object to public support of the cause of the day, the BBC banned its hosts and presenters from wearing Black Lives Matter badges because it is seen as an expression of some sort of “political” opinion.

Everyone applauds a movement for social justice until it “goes too far” – when it starts making “unreasonable demands” in the service of its “political agenda”. This moment, where sympathetic onlookers start shimmying away from their earlier expressions of solidarity, was always inevitable. It is easy to agree that black lives should matter. But it is hard to contemplate all the ways the world needs to change to make them matter – and for most people, it’s simpler to say that the goal is admirable, of course, but that these particular demands from these particular protests at this particular moment are just going too far. We project our failures of imagination on to the movement, and we decamp from the cheerleading stands into the peanut gallery. “Defund the police”? How about we come up with a less provocative slogan, for a start? These Black Lives Matter protesters, they don’t make things easy for themselves, do they?

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Trump celebrates Fourth of July by stoking division over pandemic and race

The Guardian | Protest -

  • President protesters over racial injustice ‘trample our freedoms’
  • Republican support shows signs of cracks as election nears
  • US politics – live coverage

Donald Trump celebrated America’s Independence Day weekend by stoking divisions over a perceived culture war and dismissing the two most immediate threats to his presidency: a massive resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic and a growing racial justice movement seeking an end to police violence across the nation.

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There are so many peaceful protests out there, I support those peaceful protesters

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Discovery of Frederick Douglass letter sheds light on contested Lincoln statue

The Guardian | Protest -

Amid protests, some want removal of Washington statue which shows president standing over a man who has broken his chains

An argument between history professors over a statue which many protesters say should be removed from Lincoln Park in Washington led to the discovery of a letter in which Frederick Douglass described his feelings about it.

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Related: Trump order to create garden honoring ‘American heroes' includes Antonin Scalia

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Trump claims victory as US nears 130,000 coronavirus deaths – live

The Guardian | Protest -

3.09pm BST

FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn has been a busy man today. After his appearance on CNN he’s now on ABC’s This Week and is asked about a poll that found 27% of Americans would be unlikely to accept a free coronavirus vaccine if it was available.

“It is a sizable number,” he says. “And it is concerning. And, of course, the issue of vaccines in this country has been around for a number of years.

“... One of the major reasons we issued this guidance was we wanted to give clarity about what we were going to look at, what we need to look at, and that the FDA has incredible scientific expertise and we will do our job to assess the safety and the efficacy of a vaccine candidate. I want to assure the American people of that and provide confidence that we’re on the job.”

2.57pm BST

Phoenix’s Democratic mayor, Kate Gallego, is on ABC’s This Week. Her state, Arizona, has the highest daily new cases per capita in the US.

We opened way too early in Arizona,” she says. We were one of the last states to go to stay-at-home and one of the first to reemerge.

“We had crowded nightclubs handing out free champagne, no masks. Our 20 to 44-year-olds, which is my own demographic, really led the explosion, and we’ve seen such growth in that area. We’re seeing a lot of people go to large family gatherings and infect their family members.”

2.44pm BST

Miami’s Republican mayor, Francis Suarez, is on ABC’s This Week. On Saturday, Florida registered a record rise in cases of Covid-19.

“We’ve been breaking record after record after record ... the last couple of weeks,” he says. “We instituted about a week ago a mask in public rule and we also increased the severity of penalties for businesses that don’t follow the rules.

Our county closed down the beaches for the July 4th weekend in the hopes that all these rules will have an impact – a positive impact. It takes a little bit of time to find out exactly but we’re obviously very closely monitoring hospitalizations and we’re very, very closely monitoring the death rate ... we have to take much stricter measures.”

2.26pm BST

The FDA commissioner, Stephen Hahn, is on CNN’s State of the Union. He is asked about President Trump’s assertion that 99% of Covid-19 cases are harmless. Host Dana Bash points out that WHO says 20% of people diagnosed with the virus need hospital treatment. Is the president wrong in that case?

Hahn, perhaps understandably given the scientific evidence against the president, dodges the question. “I’m not going to get into who is right and who is wrong ... [people should] follow the CDC guidance.” He then adds that the “data show [Covid-19] is serious”.

2.17pm BST

News from Florida now, where Richard Luscombe reports on the status of Covid-19 over the holiday weekend.

Florida was bracing for more bad news on Sunday after the 4 July holiday brought yet another record surge in Covid-19 - 11,458 new cases on Saturday for a statewide total fast closing in on 200,000.

2.03pm BST

The Associated Press has the latest from Seattle, where one of two people hit by a car which drove into protesters early on Saturday morning has died:

“Summer Taylor, 24, of Seattle died in the evening at Harborview Medical Center, spokesperson Susan Gregg said.

1.48pm BST

Donald Trump is very exercised about statues and their place in US life, and wants a “National Garden of American Heroes” to be erected by executive order, a slightly Blofeldian project if ever there was one.

There are all sorts of reasons why the project may never see the light of day, including Trump losing the White House in November and/or Congress refusing to pay for it. In the meantime, the president’s selection of such heroes – no Native Americans, Latinos or Asian Americans among them – is causing the expected fuss.

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1.27pm BST

More on the coronavirus count in the US, which Johns Hopkins University says dipped below 50,000 a day on Saturday for the first time in four days. As the AP puts it, “the lower figure does not mean the situation is improving: it could be due to reduced reporting on a national holiday”.

More from the AP:

The US leads the world in coronavirus infections (2.8m) and deaths (130,000), though the true toll is likely higher, given undetected cases. It is also on a steep upward curve.

US authorities were reporting fewer than 20,000 new infections a day as recently as 15 June. On Saturday, Florida and Texas reported more record daily increases in confirmed cases and virus-related deaths have begun to rise.

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1.05pm BST

…and welcome to another day of politics, protest and public health crisis in the US.

Donald Trump spoke at the White House on Saturday night, at a Fourth of July celebration, duly blaming China for the coronavirus outbreak and claiming “we’ve learned how to put out the flame”.

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Seattle: police seek motive after driver hits protesters, killing one

The Guardian | Protest -

  • I-5 freeway protest hit by car early on Saturday, driver arrested
  • Authorities say road will now be closed to protesters

One person died and one remained in serious condition after a car drove into protesters on a freeway in Seattle.

Summer Taylor, 24, of Seattle, died on Saturday evening at Harborview Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg said.

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‘Seeing the trees being ripped down is really hard’: meet a father and son protesting against HS2

The Guardian | Protest -

The controversial HS2 route slices through some of England’s most precious woodland. But standing in its way are father and son Larch and Seb Maxey. They explain why living 30ft off the ground in precarious treehouses has brought them closer together

Attach it to the edge,” instructs Seb. “What I recommend you do is…” replies Larch. As they pass each other tools and hold up timber, tacks and a tarpaulin, Larch and Seb Maxey look like any other father and son spending lockdown on a DIY project together.

The difference is that they are 30ft up an ash tree, building a treehouse in a wood surrounded by the thunder of the construction of the high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. As the ash sways, Larch, who is 47 but looks younger, and Seb, 19, work carefully and harmoniously, balanced on a 2m sq platform of flooring joists, ingeniously suspended using cheap blue “polyprop” rope. This homespun operation is a last attempt to halt the massive engineering juggernaut that is HS2, which the Prime Minister expects to cost more than £100bn.

I chose the tallest tree as I thought it would be hardest to get me out of

You can’t kill an idea. We’re living our calling. This is our passion

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Hongkongers face a Kafkaesque reality as censors outlaw the words of protest | Louisa Lim

The Guardian | Protest -

Opponents of the national security law have been reduced to holding blank sheets of paper to avoid instant arrest

Writing about the protest movement in Hong Kong, I began to notice the absences everywhere I went. A moving patchwork of white, black and grey squares decorated walls and pavements, as more and more protest slogans were erased from the public gaze. Now, with Beijing’s enactment of national security legislation in Hong Kong, that void has suddenly gaped wider, swallowing words, ideas, open discussion, and even people from public view.

The legislation bans secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces. The first sight of it for Hongkongers was the moment that it came into effect on Tuesday at 11pm, ahead of the annual 1 July protest march, which itself had been declared illegal.

There are no sources of authority to provide guidance. There are only warnings

This law is global in scope, applying to non-residents outside Hong Kong

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Athens: Solidarity action for Dervenion 56. An international call for solidarity

House Occupation News -

On friday 26 june, in Exarchia, the Greek state evicted and sealed Dervenion 56 and the building at Dervenion 52. An immediate gathering of solidarity was held on Exarcheia square for several hours. In the evening of the same day, a solidarity march was held with the participation of 300 people. The march ended at the Dervenion squat, barricades were set up around the perimeter and then comrades broke the concrete blocks of shame. Police never came and after some hours the protesters left. Riot cops made again an operation the next morning, building again a concrete wall in front of the squat’s door. According to information, in the following days, various solidarity actions followed, a demonstration took place on the main shopping street of Athens, Ermou, where slogans were shouted, and apparently some people attacked multinational clothing companies in Ermou in the occupied -by the police-, center of Athens. Even the rich yuppie nephew of the Prime Minister, the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis, could not escape the anger caused by the evictions. The pioneer of violent gentrification and his bodyguards were attacked with coffees and other items by dozens of people at a local religious festival. In the following days a march was held again at Exarcheia where comrades demolished the walls of the sealed migrants’ squats at Themistokleous 58 and Spirou Trikoupi 15. All these days, texts of solidarity were written and banners were put in various locations in Greece.

From our side, as a gesture in solidarity with Dervenion 56 and as a reminder to the people of power, we teared down the concrete blocks that held the door of Matrozou 45 squat in Koukaki. Our message is that “Nothing is forgotten.” We sat as long as we needed to and left greeting our neighbors and handing out texts to the people. On the same day, a rap concert of solidarity with Dervenion 56, was held on Exarcheia square. At the end of the concert, the organizers call the people to march together towards the squat and to open it. People headed for the squat, barricades were set up everywhere, and the demolition of the concrete blocks became a common practice with the participation of anyone who wished. After a while the cops chose to attack but this time there were people who responded with Molotov cocktails and stones. Clashes spread throughout the neighborhood, and in retaliation, the cops beat, tortured, arrested, and broke into shops. Anger grows.

The Dervenion 56 squat, in Exarcheia, opened in September 2015, hosting solidarity structures for immigrants and refugees. Medical care, food, clothing, lessons, etc. At the same time, many anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups found shelter to organize their struggles and hold events that had anti-fascist, feminist, ecological and, of course, anarchist content. Events that do not fit into the festivals of authority, events without financial and institutional exclusion. In the times of the imposition of the quarantine fascist law, Dervenion 56 continued to operate, breaking the depressive misery of isolation and “individual responsibility”. A large part of the a / a scene was still active on its squatted ground and continued to organize and intervene against fascist laws, forming mutual aid structures supporting hundreds of locals and immigrants, unemployed, all of social base people. It was this space where collective processes, common ground and time survived against the situation that the state tried to impose.

Without a doubt, the state’s motives for evicting Dervenion 56 can be found in the squats contents, the actions of solidarity and mutual aid. Where militants meet, where authority is doubted, there is an enemy of the state. Everything else about violence, property, unpaid bills, legality, drug dealing, are just fake excuses from the state, the bankers and their business associates. In any case, they themselves are the main exponents of oppression, arbitrariness and destruction, actions that they refer to as “development”. The squatters, along with the rest of society’s resisting people, are considered an internal enemy because they do not go with the flow, because they do not submit to the dictates of those in power, because they see no salvation in capitalist development, but only another trick to make some profits through our own exploitation. A more recent example is the “big walk of Athens”, a project made with the tax money of the workers of Athens, the same workers who cannot stay in the center due to the gentrification that they themselves are called to pay.

The part of society that is considered an internal enemy of the state, are those who revolt and clash with the units of repression when the state either left or right kills, when it leads us to economic misery, when it destroys the environment, when it drowns free life into even deeper conservative waters. The “internal enemy of the state” seems to step back and shrink from time to time, but in reality we always prepare the conditions to come forward again, to defend neighborhoods, roads, rivers and mountains, to transform schools, universities and working spaces in battlefields.

A battle between those few who want everything for themselves against a countless crowd that wants EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE.

Dervenion is still a house of the movement and as such, we will defend it.

We are calling for international actions in solidarity with the squats. Make the Greek state, the Greek capital and its partners regret the choice they made to attack the movement and its spaces in Greece.

To defend Dervenion 56 and all squats, to prepare the ground for the coming social uprising.

Koukaki Squat Community

Dervenion 56, Exarcheia

Koukaki Squat Community
m45community [at] riseup [dot] net

Some squats in Athens:
Some evicted squats:
Groups in Athens:
Events in Athens:

Some squats in Greece:
Groups in Greece:
Events in Greece:

Indymedia Athens

166 die during protests after shooting of Ethiopian pop star

The Guardian | Protest -

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was shot dead in Addis Ababa on Monday night, fuelling ethnic tensions

At least 166 people have died during violent demonstrations that roiled Ethiopia in the days following the murder of popular singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, police said Saturday.

Pop star Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, a member of the Oromo ethnic group, Ethiopia’s largest, was shot dead by unknown attackers in Addis Ababa on Monday night, fuelling ethnic tensions threatening the country’s democratic transition.

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Imagine a 'New America': reclaiming the American flag – in pictures

The Guardian | Protest -

With the explosion of global protests and activism demanding an end to racial inequality, Jameelah Nuriddin and Erin Hammond consider the complicated relationship between African Americans and the American flag in a series of photos.

The eight images capture a giant 200-year-old flag, a young black woman with a giant afro, and various postures combining the pledge of allegiance and black power poses. They are accompanied by a manifesto that mirrors the preamble to the US constitution, written by Nuriddin, who is also the model in the series

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Donald Trump marks Independence Day with incendiary Mount Rushmore speech – live

The Guardian | Protest -

2.42pm BST

While the number of Covid-19 cases surge across the United States, CNN reports that key public health figures such as Dr Anthony Fauci have not been given permission by the White House administration to appear on American television.

Members of the White House’s task force on Covid-19 were familiar figures on US television in the early days of the pandemic. Fauci in particular won praise for his calm, no-nonsense advice, which was often in contrast to the more speculative and confused messaging from Donald Trump.

2.15pm BST

News from St Louis, where the Associated Press reports that on Friday night, peaceful protesters returned to a house where a white couple famously appeared with guns last Sunday, during a march demanding the resignation of the mayor:

Several hundred protesters made a peaceful return trip Friday to the St Louis mansion owned by a white couple whose armed defense of their home during an earlier demonstration earned both scorn and support.

Chanting protesters stopped at the gate just outside the palazzo-style home of Mark McCloskey, 61, and his 63-year-old wife, for about 15 minutes. Extra metal barriers blocked the entrance to Portland Place, where the protesters had walked earlier in the week on their way to the mayor’s home nearby.

The McCloskeys are personal injury attorneys who became famous last Sunday. As an estimated 500 demonstrators marched near their home, the couple heard a commotion and saw a group of people break an iron gate marked with “No Trespassing” and “Private Street” signs, according to a police report.

Video posted online and viewed by millions showed Mark McCloskey wielding a long-barreled gun and Patricia McCloskey waving a small handgun. No shots were fired. Donald Trump retweeted the video.

A letter released on Wednesday by more than three dozen neighbors of the McCloskeys condemned “the behavior of anyone who uses threats of violence, especially through the brandishing of firearms, to disrupt peaceful protest, whether it be in this neighborhood or anywhere in the United States.”

Related: Trump retweets video of white St Louis couple pointing guns at protesters

1.50pm BST

The president is most likely asleep at the moment, given that he arrived back at the White House from South Dakota at 4.11am ET. His Twitter account, therefore, lies momentarily dormant.

Here’s a taste of what White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had to say to reporters on the flight back from Mount Rushmore:

“I think it was a historic speech with a historic backdrop. The response that we’re getting from all across America is ... one that ... applauded the boldness, the directness, and, candidly, the resolve with which the president wants to make sure that the America that we have today and tomorrow is the America that we celebrate each Fourth of July.”

“He mentioned the pandemic. I don’t know that focusing on a pandemic is necessarily a topic that you would espouse on 4 July. It’s not to say that it’s ... something that you ignore, which he didn’t, he acknowledged it.

“But at the same time, he’s put forth unbelievable resources to make sure that we address the Covid-19 virus. I’m confident that we’ll have a vaccine by this fall and we’re already seeing therapeutics being used more and more to start to lessen the death rate. And again it’s really a time for celebrating who we are as a nation – and that’s in good times and bad. There are still people wanting to come to America. They’re not fleeing America.”

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1.31pm BST

Disturbing news from Seattle, where last night a car drove into a crowd of protesters on a closed portion of Interstate 5.

Two women were injured, authorities said. One suffered life-threatening injuries and the other had serious injuries. The Seattle fire department said the injured women appeared to be in their 20s.

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1.06pm BST

… and welcome to another day’s coverage of US politics, protest and public health crisis.

In the shadow of Mount Rushmore last night, Donald Trump marked Independence Day with an appeal for unity, calm and a common goal. Not really – he marked the national holiday by claiming the US was under assault from “far-left fascism”:

Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children. Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.

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Two women injured as car drives through Seattle protest crowd

The Guardian | Protest -

  • One woman suffers life-threatening injuries, police say
  • Driver in custody after incident on closed section of Interstate 5

Two women were struck by a car which sped through a protest-related closure on a freeway, authorities in Seattle said early on Saturday.

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'Hidden language': Hongkongers get creative against security law

The Guardian | Protest -

Residents use wordplay including repurposed Chinese Communist party dogma to express frustration

Hongkongers are finding creative ways to voice dissent after Beijing blanketed the city in a new security law and police began arresting people displaying now forbidden political slogans.

Faced with the sudden threat of prosecution for anything that might promote greater autonomy or independence for the restless city, residents are using wordplay and even subverting Chinese Communist party dogma to express their frustration.

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Berlin: 30 years Liebig 34 – We never stop!

House Occupation News -

The Liebig 34 will celebrate its 30th birthday at the beginning of July. Eviction titles, media hype and annoying cops don’t spoil these days. Viva la Liebig!
Thirty years ago, after the fall of the Wall, people from a wide variety of backgrounds flocked to East Berlin to take advantage of the chance offered by the unresolved chains of command and the unspeakable vacancy. Entire streets and blocks of houses were occupied, redesigned and filled with ideas and creativity. The streets of Friedrichshain were full of life and very practical solidarity. At one corner there was a discussion meeting, in the next open-air cinema and there food was cooked for the whole street.
In these hours also lies the origin of our collective, which entered the rooms of Liebigstraße 34 in July 1990 and thus made the beginning of this project. In the following years a lot changed: the squat became a feminist house project without cis men. Through hard work and years of struggle it was tried to create a shelter and to offer an alternative to the cis-sexist everyday life.
Now, 30 years later, is the project to end?
Even then, the summer of anarchy was ended by brutal evictions by the cops at the behest of major investors, such as in the day-long street battles around the defense of Mainzer Strasse in November 1990.
We had to watch how our sibling project Liebig14 was taken to us in 2011. Only a few of us were able to save ourselves, in whatever way. Too many projects that have shaped the neighbourhood over decades and made it what it is have been (brutally) cleared over the years. This summer, many houses would celebrate their round birthday. 30 years of self-organization, non-conformity and rebellion. We would be happy to celebrate this great day together with our companions. But too many have been removed from the cityscape and defaced into pretty yuppie paradises.
It must not and will not happen to us like this!
We will continue to resist and we will celebrate these 30 years Liebig 34. No eviction and no macho-assholes can stop us.

Come on 04.07. and 05.07. to the Dorfplatz and to Liebig34 for a very interesting program.
Liebig 34 lives and celebrates!

Happy Birthday L34 Let‘s be careful with each other so we can be dangerous together

Let‘s get active, creative and bring our rage to the streest with decentralized actions.
On Day X, the Interkiezionale calls for a powerful sponti at 9 pm.
Keep an eye out for announcements!

Liebig34 has a 30 year long and eventful history which is now, 10 years after the Padovicz Group bought the house, is in danger of coming to an end. The handling of housing as a commodity of the capitalist system, has forced evictions, displacement and has become a bitter reality for thousends of people. With a total of over 200 houses only in Friedrichshain, Padovisz company is responsible for eviction, displacement and homelessness and has been very active in solely developing properties for the city of rich.

For us, the value and significance of the house cannot be measured by dirty capitalist figures. Nor can the meaning of the house be replaced by money and power. We see the struggle for the Liebig34 not only as a struggle for the house, and with that as a living space, but also as one for queer-feminist resistance in Berlin and beyond.
Living in patriarchal social order with heteronormative values lead to the oppression and exclusion of people because of their gender identity or sexual desires. The freedom of self-determination of those people get, on a daily basis, threatened and affected not only by structural but also by physical, psychological and economic violence.

The Liebig34 is one of the few remaining autonomous anarcha-queer-feminist houses in Europe.
It organises itself as a house without cis-man (*) and which people from different places, contexts and with different (a)-gender identities collectively live together. They create the space according to their inidividual needs and try to live an anti-patriarchal practice in which conscious space is created for people to define themselves and live out their identity. It is a place where social and kapitalist power structers are questiones and opposed, where queer-feminist resistance and queer-feminist political struggles become visible. Espacially in the last years the Liebig34 has encouraged an autonomous and militant queer-feminist fight, which many people feel addressed and empowered by.

As non-cis-men residents of Rigaer94 we also feel empowered and inspired by our fighting neighbours in Liebig34. We too are fighting against hetero-patriachal and capitalist structures and for Liebig34. The house enriches the neighborhood as a place of social and political struggles, with the küfa and the provision of food donations as well as solidarity with people who are not cis men and need a safe space. It is one of the few space in Friedrichshain which is focused around organizing without cis-men.

Within the radical movement of an anti-capitalist queer-feminist consciousness that focuses on self-dtermination and self-defence, the Liebig34 takes a vital place. Lets fight together for Liebig34!
No matter who threatens the house, it will conitnue to take this place.
Liebig34? Can‘t touch this!

Let‘s get active, creative and bring our rage to the streest with decentralized actions.
On Day X, the Interkiezionale calls for a powerful sponti at 9 pm.
Keep an eye out for announcements!


(*) Cis-gender: is a term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth.

Liebigstraße 34
10247 Berlin
liebig34 [at] riseup [dot] net

Groups in Berlin
Events in Berlin

Groups in Germany
Events in Germany


Hongkongers on China's crackdown: 'I feel helpless and hopeless'

The Guardian | Protest -

Guardian readers in or from Hong Kong share their views on the new national security law

In late May, a week after Chinese officials announced a plan to impose a sweeping national security law on Hong Kong, the Guardian issued a callout to people who believed they would be affected. We wanted to hear how people felt about the law, how it might change their lives, and how they felt about the last year of protests.

The response was overwhelming. Within days we had received more than 30,000 messages from people inside and outside Hong Kong – the most for any Guardian community callout.

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Troops sent to DC during George Floyd protests had bayonets, top general says

The Guardian | Protest -

Some troops sent to Washington did not have riot response training, Associated Press finds

The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Army Gen Mark Milley, confirmed that some US troops sent to Washington during protests over George Floyd’s police killing were issued with bayonets.

The Associated Press, which reported on the bayonets in June, also obtained documents revealing that some service members sent to the capital area in case they were ordered in to support law enforcement and National Guard in crowd control, did not have training in riot response.

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