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Spotlights: 2002-2005

Glenn Caffery and Richard Rogers October 21, 2005
From Vision to Reality: The UMass Learning Commons Opens!

How can we create an environment where students can collaborate with each other and get access to library, information technology, writing, and advising services in one dynamic place? Richard Rogers (right) and Glenn Caffery (left) are leaders of the team that had this vision and have made it happen at UMass. The Learning Commons (LC), in the Du Bois Library, was formally dedicated on October 21st. Students have been packing it ever since it made a rolling start in early September.

Richard, as Faculty Advisor to the Provost for Undergraduate Education, chaired the Learning Commons Committee and Glenn fired the Committee with ideas and enthusiasm. Glenn is also currently serving as Chair of the UMass Information Technology Program.

On October 21st, Microsoft Corp. designated the University of Massachusetts Amherst as the first Microsoft IT Showcase School in the nation, recognizing the university’s innovative leadership in applying information technology to teaching and learning. Resource Economics was a key contributor to UMass earning this recognition through its pioneering of the use of personal response systems, web-based quizzing, and tablet PCs in courses, and through the ResEc led IT Program. Go ResEc and Go UMass!

For more on the Learning Commons see:

Bernie Morzuch and Chunxiang (Lisa) Li Fall, 2005
Chunxiang (Lisa) Li Receives the 2005 Vijay Bhagavan Teaching Assistant of Distinction Award
Chunxiang (Lisa) Li, shown here receiving her award from Bernie Morzuch, is the 2005 recipient of the Vijay Bhagavan Teaching Assistant of Distinction Award given the to Teaching Assistant who best exemplifies Vijay's special approach to life. Lisa joins a line of distinguished Teaching Assistants whose outstanding performance keeps alive Vijay's spirit.
Julie Caswell and Neal Hooker December 2-3, 2004
Workshop on the Economics of Food Safety
Twenty-five researchers from around the country and from the European Union gathered on campus December 2-3 for a workshop on food safety policy titled "Economic Measures of Interventions". The workshop was sponsored by the Food Safety Research Consortium, a multi-disciplinary collaboration to improve public health, of which the Food Marketing Policy Center in the Department of Resource Economics is one of the founding members. Speakers at the workshop included Julie Caswell (left), and two of her former students, Neal Hooker (PhD'97) (right), Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, The Ohio State University, and Seda Erdem (MS'04), Research Associate.
Jess Tielborg, Jen Gruber and Mike Chisholm December 6, 2004
Alumni visited campus to talk with students about how they use their Resource Economics training on the job.
In the consumer goods industry, category analysts such as alumni Jen Gruber, Jessica Teilborg, and Mike Chisholm use data and trend analysis to support business decisions on which products should be stocked in stores, how much promotion should they receive, and how categories, and even aisles, should be organized. Jen, Jess, and Mike came to campus on December 6 to talk to current food marketing students about the types of analysis they do and how they use the econometric, statistical, industrial organization, and presentation skills they gained in the Resource Economics Department in their work as category analysts.

Jen Lewis Gruber earned a BS in Resource Economics in 1995 and a MS in 1997. She works for Advantage Sales and Marketing in the Boston area. Jessica Teilborg earned a BS in Resource Economics in 2001 and works for Unilever, with her home office in New Jersey. Mike Chisholm graduated with a BS in 2003. He works with Jen at Advantage Sales and Marketing. Jen, Jess, and Mike would be happy to be in contact with students interested in food marketing. Contact Julie Caswell for more information.

Sheila Mammen Spring, 2004
Sheila Mammen is leading a study on the well-being of families in Franklin County, part of a 16-state USDA study to gauge the impact of welfare reform on rural families. >>more
Roger King March 24, 2004
Roger King (MS’72) was on campus to attend the North American premiere of the documentary “Still the Children Are Here”. Filmed entirely in a remote village in northeast India, the place where rice cultivation started 6,000 years ago, it looks at life through the eyes and voices of several of the villagers. As executive producer, Roger conceived the idea for the film, brought together the funding and film makers and oversaw its content, production and editing. He introduced the film by noting: “There’s a conundrum: the place is extremely valuable to the rest of the world, but the rest of the world is destroying it.” >>more
Gilbert Metcalf March 11, 2004
Gilbert Metcalf (MS'84) has been on campus a couple of times recently. On March 11, he presented a seminar in the Center for Public Policy/Resource Economics series titled "Pollution Taxes in a Second-Best World" in which he laid out some of the distortions caused by imposing taxes on pollution (actually on material like coal that cause pollution) and on giving away or selling pollution permits. In early February he met with other members of the newly formed Dean's Advisory Council, intended to strengthen connections between the College, alumnae and friends. >>more
Richard McAniff October 4, 2004
Richard McAniff (BS’71, MS’76), vice president of the Access and Excel business unit of Microsoft Corporation, visited campus in his new role as the Executive Alumnus for the UMass/Microsoft partnership. >>more
Peter Lewenberg November 13, 2004
Peter K. Lewenberg (BS’69) joined with Commissioner Kathy Abbott from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (herself a Stockbridge School alumna) and Superintendent George Price, National Park Service, to give a talk Entitled: “A New Model For Public Parks”. >>more
Dan Lass 2003
College Distinguished Teaching Award goes to Daniel Lass

This year's College Distinguished Teaching Award goes to Daniel Lass. Dan was also elected President of the Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association.
Richard Rogers (Stan Sherer photo) January, 2003
Richard Rogers is on leave from the Department as the Faculty Advisor to the Provost for Undergraduate Education, a two year appointment. >>more.
(Photo by Stan Sherer)
Carolyn Harper award March 14, 2003
Tenth anniversary of the fellowship established in memory of Carolyn Harper
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the fellowship established in memory of Carolyn Harper, an associate professor of Resource Economics, who died of cancer in 1993. The fellowship is awarded to graduate students who exemplify her ideals. This year’s recipients are Ning Ding and Maria Alejandra Vélez. >>more

Photo: Dean Cleve Willis with Ning Ding (top) and Maria Alejandra Velez (bottom).

Food Safety Book cover in Japanese 2003
Faculty books translated into Japanese:

A team of Japanese scholars, led by Takuji Sakurai, has just published a book containing translations of several book chapters, edited by Julie Caswell, on the economics of food safety and nutrition. They expect the book to serve as a central source for researchers interested in studying markets for food

Environmental Economics Book cover in Japanese Barry Field's text, Environmental Economics: An Introduction has been translated by a group of Japanese led by Professor Jiro Akita of Tohoku University, Japan.
Jess Tielborg and Jen Gruber August, 2002
Alumnae Jennifer Lewis Gruber and Jessica Teilborg are part of the team at Advantage Sales and Marketing named as the winner of the Category Master of the Year award.

Presented at the ACNielsen Category Masters Conference in August, the award recognizes the sales agency in the consumer packaged goods industry that demonstrated the best category management practices over the past year. Congratulations Jen and Jess!

Dan Lass and Cleve willis 2002
Professor Dan Lass received the 2002 New York Farmers Award for Outstanding Achievement in Agriculture.

Each year, an award is given for important advances in agriculture by the deans of the agricultural colleges in the northeast. Dan is being recognized for his research on the dairy industry, farm family labor decisions and Community Supported Agriculture.