Student Spotlight: Lindsey McCauley '18

Lindsey McCauley '18, a senior majoring in Resource Economics and Political Science, tells us about the importance of learning outside the classroom and how that led her to becoming a leader on campus and beyond.

As a transfer student in her sophomore year, McCauley realized that getting involved in activities outside class would be the best way to find her place on such a big campus. While talking to an advisor she learned about the UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL) program. “It really changed the trajectory of my career at UMass”, says McCauley speaking about the opportunities she discovered as result of joining UWiL. “It made me feel good to feel like I was changing things, meeting new people and learning outside the classroom”, she adds.

Joining UWiL gave McCauley the opportunity to apply for various scholarships, internships and work with members within the District, Superior, and Appellate Courts in Massachusetts. She was a judicial intern in western Massachusetts when she had the chance to shadow female judges and learn more about the role that gender played in the legal system. During the course of these internships, McCauley says that she found her calling to become a lawyer and eventually, she hopes, a judge.

Watch her story here.