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Christian Rojas, Associate Professor

Photo of Christian RojasMy interests are in Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics and Experimental Economics. Curriculum Vitae


Industrial Organization:

L. Baraldi and C. Rojas. 2012. "Cost Pass-Through with Network Externalities." Forthcoming, International Journal of Business & Economics.

C. Rojas. 2012. The Effect of Mandated Exclusive Territories in the US Brewing Industry , B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 12 (1). DOI: 10.1515/1935-1682.3088

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C.Rojas and D. Huang. 2011. Eliminating the Outside Good Bias in Logit Models of Demand with Aggregate Data (with D. Huang). Under review.

C. Rojas. 2008. “Price Competition in U.S. Brewing.” Journal of Industrial Economics, 56, 1-31 [lead article]

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Experimental and Education:

C. Eckel, P. Grossman, A. de Oliveira, K. Johnson, C. Rojas and R. Wilson. 2011. Social Norms of Sharing in High School: Teen Student Giving in the Dictator Game , Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 80, 603-12.

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C. Eckel, P. Grossman, A. de Oliveira, K. Johnson, C. Rojas and R. Wilson. 2011. On the Development of Risk Preferences: Experimental Evidence. R&R, Journal of Risk & Uncertainty..

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C. Eckel, K. Johnson, C. Montmarquette and C. Rojas. 2007. “Debt Aversion and the Demand for Loans for Post-Secondary Education.” Public Finance Review, 35, 233-62.

S. Ball, C. Eckel and C. Rojas2006. “Technology Improves Learning in Large Principles of Economics Classes: Using our WITS.” American Economic Review, P&P, 96, p. 442-6.

Work in Progress

The Effects of Vertical Integration: An Empirical Analysis of the Soft Drinks Industry.

An Analysis of the Determinants of Cost Pass-Through Rates (with R. Tiwary)

Brand-Level Effects of Sugar Taxes on Soft Drink Consumption (with F. Colantouni)

Local Buyer Market Power and Horizontally Differentiated Manufacturers (with S. Wang and N. Lavoie)

Computer Code Available for Download

Matlab Program to Run the Epps-Singleton Two-Sample Test of Equality of Distributions.

Description of Matlab files and how to run the test (Word File)
Matlab m-file that reproduces Epps-Singleton (1986) results (numerical_example.m
Matlab m-file that runs the Epps-Singleton (1986) test, calculates p-value, and critical values (es.m)

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