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Christine L. Crago
Assistant Professor

Photo of Christine Lasco Crago My research is motivated by the need to promote sustainable energy sources and consumption practices. Recent work has focused on examining economic and environmental impacts of biofuels and policies that promote them. Current research examines determinants and policy implications of renewable energy adoption and incentives to increase residential energy efficiency. I am also interested in the broader fields of environmental, energy and development economics.

Current projects

  1. Investment in Residential Solar Power Under Uncertainty: Implications for Renewable Energy Incentives (Working paper)
  2. Determinants of solar power adoption
  3. Evaluating incentives for energy efficiency using a field experiment (Funded by Healey Endowment/Faculty Research Grant award: $14,000)

Selected Publications

Crago, Christine L. and Madhu Khanna. 2014 "Carbon abatement in the fuel market with biofu-
els: Implications for second-best policies
" Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Khanna, Madhu and Crago, Christine L. “Measuring indirect land use change with biofuels: Implications for policy” Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2012

Khanna, Madhu, Hayri Onal, Christine L. Crago and Kiyoshi Mino. 2013 "Can India meet
biofuel policy targets? Implications for food and fuel prices
" American Journal of Agricultural
Economics 95(2): 296-302

Crago, Christine L., Madhu Khanna, Jason Barton, Eduardo Guiliani, and Weber Amaral. Cost competitiveness of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil relative to corn ethanol in the US Energy Policy 38(11) : 7404-7415, 2010

Lasco, Christine and Madhu Khanna. US-Brazil trade in biofuels: Determinants, constraints and implications for trade policy Handbook of Bioenergy Economics and Policy, Springer New York, 2010

Lasco, Christine D., Robert J. Myers. and Richard Bernsten. Dynamics of agricultural wages and rice prices in the Philippines Agricultural Economics 32(3), 2008

Lasco, Marie Christine D. and Zenaida M. Sumalde. Financial and Economic Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Mitigation Options in the Philippines Forestry Sector Journal of Environmental Science and Management 5(1-2): 39-59, 2003


Implementing Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Today’s Economy
This is a Capstone Experience course in the Commonwealth Honors College

217C Stockbridge Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
ccrago "at"

Ph.D., University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

M.S., Michigan State University

B.S., University of the Philippines Los Baños