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Glenn Caffery

Photo of Glenn cafferyMy current interests include information technology education, specifically understanding the variability in how students learn and understand higher-order concepts. Pedagogy and assessment interest me.. I am fortunate to be working in the team-based learning classroom this year, supported and inspired by wonderful colleagues.

I am interested in service-learning as a tool to develop the learning outcomes that I have always sought through my teaching, but also as a way to help students develop skills and knowledge associated with critical reflection, so that they can practice engaged and sensitive leadership in whatever paths they choose. Because of my teaching interests, I am particularly concerned with how and why critical reflection and civic engagement is integrated in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses. I serve on and benefit from my association with the Provost's Committee on Service-Learning, and I have been working in partnership with the Amherst Survival Center for four years, which has added enormous opportunity for me an my students.

I care about learning environments, especially technology-enabled environments that serve to humanize teaching and learning in large classes. I have been associated with the Learning Commons initiative since its beginnings, and currently serve on the Provost's Learning Commons Committee. The Learning Commons illustrates how important campus coalitions are to providing learning environments that work. I am also involved with evaluating and assessing specific tools—technologies or techniques—that support learning.

I have been involved with the Five Colleges Intergroup Dialogue initiative for the past three years, and I have studied recently under Ximena Zúñiga, a leader in intergroup dialogue in higher education. I am excited about the possibilities of dialogue in creating workplace and learning environments that support individual growth and alliance building across differences. My teaching practice is changing for the better as I am trained and get more practice in the art and science of facilitation. I am also interested in assessing outcomes from such work, both in the classroom and the workplace.



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