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Academic Activities:

Non-academic Activities:

  • Conducted two workshops of Arabic calligraphy:
Rhythm and Harmony: Display, Demonstration and Comments on Arabic Calligraphy at the Burnett Gallery, Amherst
The Art of Arabic Calligraphy: Workshop for Children, at Smith Museum of Art, Northampton
  • Attended Atlanta's Urban Film Festival with his son who won “The Junior Filmmaker Award” for his film “Borderline”.

Borderline is a full-feature drama, written and directed by Osama Alhabeeb, and was shown at Cinemark as well as on the local TV channel. You may check the following articles on the movie:

    • Borderline Captures High School Misunderstanding, Daily Hampshire Gazette, June 8, 2002.
    • High School: The view from Inside, Amherst Bulletin, June 7, 2002.
    • ARHS Student Directing a Movie, The Graphic, June 7, 2002.


  • Scheduled the next calligraphy exhibition in April 2005 at the Cambridge Multicultural Center, Cambridge, MA.

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