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Economic and Policy Analysis of Local Governance
in Latin America

Fieldwork 2005

Internal, External and Dual Enforcement to Enhance Cooperation Among Users of Natural Resources: Evidence from the field

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This research explores two kinds of internal sanctioning mechanisms that are common among local natural resource users. The first is the role of social emotions like shame and guilt in enhancing cooperation to provide local public goods and I will compare these results with the ones of external regulations. The second is an examination of individuals sanctioning others with monetary penalties and with non-pecuniary penalties. In each case, these internal sanctioning mechanisms are compared to government enforcement efforts.

To pursue this line of inquiry, we developed a series of public goods experiments and conducted them in two areas of Colombia in the summer of 2005 (Where Did We Go? ). 420 individuals, the majority of whom are artisanal fishermen and women, participated in these experiments.

Working papers that describe this research are being written and will be available near the end of 2006.

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