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Close up image of ice berg breaking off of glacier
State of Ice: A Benchmark for Polar Regions

This image shows an up close view of an iceberg breaking off a glacier. The U.S. National Research Council has released a synthesis of reports from thousands of scientists in 60 countries who took part in the International Polar Year 2007-08, the first in over 50 years to offer a benchmark for environmental conditions and new discoveries in the polar regions. UMass Amherst geosciences researcher and expert in the paleoclimate of the Arctic, Julie Brigham-Grette, co-chaired the NRC report, Lessons and Legacies of the IPY 2007-08, with leading Antarctic climate scientist Robert Bindschadler of NASA. Among the major findings is that global warming is changing the face of Antarctica and the Arctic faster than expected. Learn More

Photo credit: Julie Brigham-Grette