In Pictures

  • Up close view of nanocrystals  (in purple) against an orange background

Crystal Conversion: Using Nanocrystals for Next Generation Organic Solar Cells

The image above depicts nanocrystals (in purple) of a compound called PCBM, a derivative of the molecule, fullerene. The crystals were created by adding a compound called diiodooctane into an emulsion of PCBM. UMass Amherst chemist Dhandapani Venkataraman and his research group are using nanocrystals like these to assemble active layers of organic solar cells with the desired structure for high power conversion efficiency. This fundamental solar research is important because it aims to solve one of the frustrating and long standing problems in organic solar cell development—controlling the morphology of active layer materials. Learn more

Photo credit: Venkataraman Research Group