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  • Detail from the ocean model with cold represented in blue and warm in red/orange

The Big Freeze: Charting Climate Change with Global Ocean Circulation Models

UMass Amherst geoscientist Alan Condron and colleague Peter Winsor (University of Alaska), using new, high-resolution global ocean circulation models, have found the first conclusive evidence of how flood waters from melting of the enormous Laurentide Ice Sheet (in the last major cold episode on Earth about 12,900 years ago) flowed northwest into the Arctic with a frigid effect on global climate. The image above reveals a detail of the ocean model, with warm represented in red/orange and cold in blue. Understanding past climate change is important for predicting how our modern-day climate might change in the future. Condron is a member of the Climate System Research Center based in the Department of Geosciences. Learn more.

Photo credit: Alan Condron