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In Pictures

The image above shows fluorescent minerals emitting visible light as they are activated by ultraviolet light. Counterclockwise from the bright purple mineral on the lower right: Fluorite (purple), Adamite (green), Wollastonite and Calcite (red), Calcite (pale green), Benitoite with Neptunite (blue) and Wernerite (yellow). The minerals are part of the new Fluorescent Mineral Display in the Rausch Mineral Collection. Open to the public and located in the Department of Geosciences (Morrill Science Center) it includes more than 250 superb mineral specimens from the collection of the late Marvin Rausch, a chemistry professor who taught at UMass Amherst from 1963 to 2001. Learn more. 

Image credit: Julie Brigham-Grette