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Data Science

UMass Amherst Leads Way for High Performance Computing in the Life Sciences

A group of more than 40 statistical, life science, and social science researchers braved the cold and dark of an early February morning to be part of two firsts in regional high... Read

"Greener" Materials Science

Engineering natural polymers into biomaterials and water treatment technologies

In the exploding biomedical and environmental fields there is a growing need for innovative and “greener” materials that can heal wounds faster or remove toxic chemicals from... Read

Growing Life Sciences

State funding supports unprecedented research on campus and in region

Collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships prove an efficient way to see basic science through to translation and now, with its Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS),... Read

Making Data Count

Advancing biostatistical methods to improve public health

Knowledge yields power, and when it comes to critical healthcare information, the ability to develop, combine and analyze large and complex data sets is increasingly important for... Read

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UMass Amherst Tick Lab: Testing ticks and educating people

In Pictures

model of engineered nano particle surfaces in blue and proteins in gold
Surface Systems:
 Engineering Nanoparticles to Improve Human Health

The image above depicts a model of the interactions of engineered nanoparticle surfaces (blue) with fluorescent (green) and serum...