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  • Outbreak

    Team develops new data analytics to improve disease epidemic prediction

    Communicable disease epidemics place a huge burden on public health systems around the world, and techniques for predicting outbreaks to date have not adequately addressed public health officials’... More

  • Magnetic Pull

    Receipt of seven-ton Tesla will expand regional life science opportunities

    The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) recently took delivery of a $3.2 million, 7.3-ton, 3-Tesla magnet and related equipment for use in its Human Magnetic Resonance (MR) Center in the Life... More

  • What Makes Us Human?

    Powerful new DNA sequencers help in the quest for answers

    Human DNA—the genetic material that defines so many of our characteristics—is remarkably similar to DNA of great apes, such as chimpanzees and gorillas. So what distinguishes us from our closest... More

  • Ready for Prime Time

    A new director and state-of-the-art home are moving the Institute for Applied Life Sciences forward

    Peter Reinhart’s professional life has been evenly split between academia and industry. He began as a tenured professsor at Duke University Medical Center. He moved on to leadership positions in the... More