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  • Dual Target

    Developing safe Salmonella bacteria to fight cancer

    Delivering cancer-fighting agents to tumors without causing the serious side effects of many chemotherapy treatments is a major challenge in cancer treatment. One potentially powerful treatment... More

  • Learning Effect

    Naming things for babies may offer lasting benefits

    Studies have shown how learning in infancy between the ages of six to nine months lays a foundation for learning later in childhood. Now UMass Amherst developmental psychologist Lisa Scott and... More

  • Cited Around the World

    Yeonhwa Park’s CLA research lands her among the world’s most influential scientific minds

    When UMass food scientist Yeonhwa Park began studying conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) nearly 25 years ago, very little was known about the compound. Park’s fundamental research has been critical to... More

  • Rapid Determination

    Researchers invent fast, accurate nanoparticle-based sensor system for cancer drug screening

    Traditional genomic, proteomic and other screening methods currently used to characterize drug mechanisms are time-consuming and require special equipment, but now researchers led by chemist Vincent... More

  • Working Toward the Cure

    Researchers uncover the biological mechanisms that impact the treatment, prevention of breast cancer

    Imagine a time when women at a higher risk for breast cancer are quickly identified and treated preventatively. Consider the impact on disease sufferers if clinicians had a way to stop the cancer’s... More