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Whole Technologies

Engineering innovations to benefit humanity

Electrical and computer engineer Aura Ganz spent the first part of her career increasing bandwidth capabilities to perfect optical and wireless networks—networks many of us use... Read

Peak Performance

Front-line insights shape idea-driven organizations

Many academics study ideas and innovation, but few focus on generating ideas on an organization's "front lines," where much of the work gets done. Alan Robinson, an... Read

A Meeting of Minds

Hluchyj Fellows combine nursing and engineering to improve clinical health care

True, lasting change requires a meeting of the minds--a moment of mutual inspiration that occurs when people who think differently from one another start thinking together.... Read

Natural Selection

Researchers develop new tool to identify biodiversity targets

Introducing a new approach that combines evolutionary and engineering analyses to identify the targets of natural selection, researchers report in the current issue of Evolution... Read

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In Pictures

Close up view of a Terahertz CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor.
Cool Circuit: Designing the Next Generation of Sensor Instruments

The image above shows a close up view of a Terahertz CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor). The greenish rectangle (aluminum)...