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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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  • Eureka Moments

    Software that enables inventors to think outside the box

    Sometimes the greatest discoveries come from sideways thinking. This approach is the crux of Innovation Accelerator Inc., a startup company by UMass Amherst alumnus Tony McCaffrey that creates... More

  • Emerging Leaders

    Students honored for innovation in research, scholarship, and creative activity

    UMass Amherst created the Rising Researcher Awards in 2013 to honor undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in a particular area of study. The six recipients... More

  • Massive Data

    Designing solutions for large-scale graphs

    With the exponential growth of big data for far-ranging applications comes the need to design and develop algorithms for these systems. UMass Amherst computer scientist Andrew McGregor–an algorithm... More

  • The Business of Art

    New initiative provides regional home and business support for arts entrepreneurship

    Since its establishment in 1973, UMass Amherst’s Arts Extension Service (AES) has been stimulating the growth of arts and culture across Massachusetts and New England. Initially founded and directed... More