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Identity and Culture

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Inclusive Design

Paving a path for sustainable architecture

From the classroom to the construction site, award-winning architect and designer Kathleen Lugosch (Art, Architecture and Art History) has been pushing the boundaries of... Read

Case Study

Pioneering behavioral audit research

According to UMass Amherst Isenberg accounting professor Elaine Wang, auditors from different nations may unwittingly convey different cultural biases in their professional... Read

The Road to Freedom

Esteemed historian pieces together untold stories of slavery in the Americas

Historical accounts of slavery and emancipation in the Americas abound in school textbooks and history classes, but according to UMass Amherst historian Barbara Krauthamer, there... Read

Crossing Boundaries

The Interdisciplinary Studies Institute Takes Faculty on an 'Intellectual Adventure'

This past year, UMass Amherst gave cross-disciplinary work in the humanities and social sciences a tremendous vote of confidence when it promoted the Interdisciplinary Seminar in... Read

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Creating Never Land: A Look at Theater Production

In Pictures

Hand-painted plant from the 'Herb Book' published in 1564
Earthly Delight: Researching the Renaissance to Create a New Garden

The image above depicts a hand-painted detail from a page in Adam Lonicer’s Kreuterbuch (‘Herb Book,’ in German), published in...