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Identity and Culture

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  • The Human Side of War

    Social historian explores the Vietnam War’s effects on American culture and identity

    Historian Christian Appy had been taking a break from academic life when he arrived on the UMass Amherst campus in 2004. Having just completed a monumental oral history of the Vietnam War called... More

  • Community Harvest

    Partnership helps low income and immigrant populations connect with healthy food

    In a new collaboration, UMass Amherst is helping to improve the health of low-income residents, including immigrant groups, in Worcester, Mass., by offering ethnic vegetables, recipes, and cooking... More

  • 10,000 Wonderful Things

    Treasures of campus science and art gathered at the University Museum

    Artist Anne Beresford calls the exhibition she has curated at the University Museum of Contemporary Art “Ten Thousand Wonderful Things,” but for her the most difficult aspect of curating the... More

  • Calling All Black People

    Celebrated scholar honored for life-long contribution to black studies

    Few scholars can boast the academic pedigree of Afro-American Studies professor and chair John Bracey. His family comprises four generations of teachers. Bracey’s grandparents were teachers and his... More

  • Forcing Bias to Show its Face

    On campus, in the courts, and out in the world, Linda Tropp fights the best of good fights

    Linda R. Tropp is dedicated to recognizing, comprehending, and eliminating racism and discrimination in our society. Many Americans, of course, would like to believe that these scourges no longer... More