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Governance and Society

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  • Human Firewall

    UMass team promotes human intervention to combat socially engineered IT attacks

    Isenberg School of Management Professor Ryan T. Wright is calling on large organizations to build a human firewall within their information technology systems to help thwart socially engineered... More

  • Public Account

    How social mismatches impact the collection of auditor evidence

    Auditing is a critical tool for effective governance which relies on independent auditors who can gather all the facts. Recent research by UMass Amherst behavioral audit research expert Bradley... More

  • Let the Children Play ... with Math Apps

    Smart phones can help early learners bridge the achievement gap

    Professor David Arnold isn’t talking about teenagers, preteens or even school-age children when he talks about the new generation of digital natives. The UMass Amherst developmental psychologist is... More

  • Food Safety and Nutrition

    Resource economist works consumer side of food policy and regulation

    Professor of Resource Economics Julie Caswell is internationally known for her research on the economics of food safety and nutrition. Her many appointments to national food safety and nutrition... More