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Floral Transmitters

Researchers offer first systematic review and recommendations on disease transmission via flowers

As hubs for bees and pollinators, flowers are little studied but may be crucial in disease transmission. “Almost nothing is known regarding how pathogens of pollinators are... Read

Polar Test

Developing new biomarkers to measure stress in wild animals

Chemical analyses by UMass Amherst neuroscientist Jerrold Meyer (Psychology and the Center for Neuroendocrine Studies) and his colleagues are helping to establish hair cortisol... Read

Stomach Stories

Stomach content analysis sheds light on sperm whale conservation and ecology

In the largest regional study of its type to date, Michelle Staudinger, marine ecologist and adjunct faculty in the UMass Amherst Department of Environmental Conservation, and... Read

Urban Ecology

Bird and plant species more diverse worldwide than expected says study

UMass Amherst Ecologist, Paige Warren, an expert in biological diversity, co-leads an international group of scientists who have found that urban environments across the globe... Read

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UMass Amherst's Raymond Bradley on Global Warming

In Pictures

craniofacial skeleton of a bony fish stained red and blue
Shape and Function: Understanding How Genes Influence Biodiversity

The image above shows the ventral view of the craniofacial skeleton of a fish cichlid (bone stained red, cartilage stained blue). In a...