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Floral Transmitters

Researchers offer first systematic review and recommendations on disease transmission via flowers

As hubs for bees and pollinators, flowers are little studied but may be crucial in disease transmission. “Almost nothing is known regarding how pathogens of pollinators are... Read

Polar Test

Developing new biomarkers to measure stress in wild animals

Chemical analyses by UMass Amherst neuroscientist Jerrold Meyer (Psychology and the Center for Neuroendocrine Studies) and his colleagues are helping to establish hair cortisol... Read


Protecting Massachusetts Lands and Waters

Scott Jackson, extension associate professor (Environmental Conservation), has been named the 2013 Conservationist of the Year by The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts to... Read

Below the Surface

Understanding ground water transport to protect water resources

Nearly 99 percent of the Earth’s liquid freshwater is found in the ground, and underground reservoirs buffer against climate change, droughts, and help moderate the temperatures... Read

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UMass Amherst's Raymond Bradley on Global Warming

In Pictures

Bumble bee on purple globe thistle plant
Bumble Bee: Protecting Native Populations in the Northeast

The image above depicts a bumble bee pollinating a globe thistle plant. UMass Amherst entomologist...