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  • Hurricane History

    Documenting severe storms in the past to prepare for future climate change

    New evidence of historically unprecedented hurricane activity along the northeastern coast of what would become the United States may provide a window into what we may expect in coming centuries with... More

  • Stress Test

    Assessing vulnerability to climate change to better manage water resources

    Understanding and modeling human-hydrologic systems is critical to improving societal responses to water resources needs and sustainable management in the face of climate change.

  • Deep Discovery

    Scientists find immense ‘lemur graveyards’ in Madagascan underwater caves

    Researchers from UMass Amherst and Brooklyn College are leading a team of scientists who have discovered what could be the most extensive collection of extinct lemur fossils ever found.

  • Cultured Conservation

    Researching the importance of indigenous people to sustaining and restoring biocultural diversity

    It was as a graduate student in the 1980s studying in Nepal, when University of Massachusetts Amherst human geographer Stan Stevens’ eyes were opened to the politics of land use, governance and... More