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  • Environmental Nanoscience

    Understanding nanoparticle behaviors in water systems

    With a typical concentration of 10 to 100 million nanoparticles per liter of natural water, nanoparticles are ubiquitous in the environment and influence important environmental processes such as... More

  • Non-Stop Flight

    International team documents amazing migratory feat

    For more than 50 years, scientists had tantalizing clues suggesting that a tiny, boreal forest songbird known as the blackpoll warbler departs each fall from New England and eastern Canada to migrate... More

  • Landscapes of Change

    Designing Sustainable Landscapes in Partnership with Stakeholders

    With the inevitability of climate change and an evolving public perspective on its severity, it is reassuring to see scientists providing critical information to aid decision makers. Usually there... More

  • Finding Faults

    Improving understanding of earthquakes hazards

    Geologists have long been uncertain about the factors that govern how new faults grow. In new modeling and analyses of fault geometry in the Earth’s crust, UMass Amherst geoscientist Michele Cooke... More