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Energy and Materials

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  • Brain Mimics

    Researchers create memristers, new devices that emulate biological synapses

    Engineers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst are leading a research team that is developing a new type of nanodevice for computer microprocessors that can mimic the functioning of a... More

  • Green by Design

    Scientists engineer new bacteria that spins out tiny, sustainable nanowires

    A group of researchers led by UMass Amherst microbiologist Derek Lovley have genetically designed a new strain of bacteria that spins out extremely thin and highly conductive wires made up solely of... More

  • Building Privacy Into Smart Buildings

    Prototype programmable building will test privacy applications

    As more smart grids and buildings are fitted with digital electric meters, Web-enabled appliances and lighting, programmable outlets and switches, and intelligent HVAC systems that rely on Internet-... More

  • Ultra Cool

    Characterizing cryogenically cooled electronics

    Ultra-sensitive wide-band electronic systems have wide-ranging scientific and commercial applications in radio astronomy, quantum communications, and ultra-high speed digital systems. With a major... More