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Energy and Materials

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Blade Runner

Engineering the next generation of turbines for wind energy

As wind energy technology has seen a dramatic reduction in cost over the past decade and is now competitive with nuclear and fossil fuels for electric power generation in many... Read

Toward a Smarter, Greener Grid

A regional partnership pairs science with street smarts to meet energy goals

The average home or office is but one tiny unit in our greater energy grid, but given that America’s buildings rake up 75 percent of the national electric bill, energy efficiency... Read

"Greener" Materials Science

Engineering natural polymers into biomaterials and water treatment technologies

In the exploding biomedical and environmental fields there is a growing need for innovative and “greener” materials that can heal wounds faster or remove toxic chemicals from... Read

Solar PHaSE

Advancing the frontiers of polymer-based photovoltaic research

To meet the increasing demands for clean and sustainable solar energy, researchers at the PHaSE (Polymer-Based Materials for Harvesting Solar Energy) Energy Frontier Research... Read

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Nanomanufacturing on the Leading Edge

In Pictures

Up close view of nanocrystals  (in purple) against an orange background
Crystal Conversion: Using Nanocrystals for Next Generation Organic Solar Cells

The image above depicts nanocrystals (in purple) of a compound called PCBM, a derivative of the molecule, fullerene. The crystals were...