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Feature Stories

Undergrad conducts life-changing research on diabetics
Scanning electron micrograph of human T-cell
UMass scientists develop unique molecules that slip through cell membranes to help unlock mysteries...
Students designing an exit poll in Brian Schaffner's UMass polling class
Training students to produce high-quality polling data
Post-doctoral researcher Jacob John with a nanoimprinted flexible film
Bringing nanotech wonders to market
UMass Amherst professor Ventura Pérez examines skeletal remains.
Anthropologist pioneers new ways to investigate violence
Wind turbine in a stormy sky
UMass/Northeastern team engineers protocols for offshore wind turbines
UMass Amherst chemical engineer Shelly Peyton in her laboratory
Chemical Engineer Shelly Peyton has developed an unique approach to breast cancer research
Caitlyn Butler, colleagues, and villagers in front of the green latrine in Ghana
Treats waste, protects health, and generates electricity with microbial fuel cells
View of future site of Teso University in Uganda.
Collaborating to design a brighter future for war-torn Uganda
UMass Amherst microbiologist Derek Lovley in his laboratory
Microbial electrosynthesis yields fuel and unleashes new applications
UMass Amherst scientists study methane-exhaling microbes that live underwater
Researchers define limits of microbial life in an undersea volcano
UMass Amherst Goldwater Scholar Benjamin Waldman '13 in the lab.
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