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Feature Stories

teenage girl in science lab
Drawing teenage girls to science and technology
Salthouse and graduate student Akshaya Shanmugam with 3D printed imaging jig
Engineers design new diagnostic and imaging technologies for personalized health monitoring
Graduate students test the equipment on the treadmill in the lab.
Researchers test and validate wearable sensors to improve health management
A close up view of wires and circuits.
Model-based Energy Management Systems Drive ‘Smart’ Buildings
The Muon g-2 storage ring, in its current location at Brookhaven National Lab.
Nuclear physicist helps track huge magnetic ring across country
Detail of insects in "Monthly Insect Entertainment" (1749) by Rösel.
The science of describing, from insects to artifacts
Fingers hold a vial containing a nanogel precursor polymer solution
Polymeric nanogels aid in more efficient drug delivery
Brain scans and magnified brain cell
The environmental effects of toxins on brain development
Life Sciences Laboratory Building Facade
Life Science Laboratories open avenue for innovation
Mother and child in Ixil community in the highlands of Guatemala.
Examining adoption and reproduction politics across race, culture, and country
Andrea Foulkes and Nicholas Reich stand in the Integrated Sciences Building
Next-generation analytics lead to biomedical insights
Tess Brickley '15, Kelly Malone '13, Alexander Borges '14, Ankur Sheel '13
Campus honors undergraduates for their achievements