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Environment and Energy Expertise

Search here for faculty expertise by major themes: built environment, climate, ecosystems and biodiversity, energy, food and agriculture, health and environment, society and governance, and water. Follow the faculty links for more information.

Lynn Adler | Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences

Research focuses on plant-animal interactions to better understand how multiple species select on resistance and attractive traits.

Marjorie Aelion | Public Health and Health Sciences

Research interests include environmental contamination, soil contamination such as arsenic and health implications of environmental exposures. 

John Ahern | Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Research focuses on green urbanism and ecological infrastructure, biodiversity in landscape architecture, and meadow establishment and management.

David Ahlfeld | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research includes environmental fluid dynamics, water resources engineering, systems analysis, mathematical modeling and numerical method as well as groundwater flow and contaminant transport and design of groundwater remediation systems. Current interests also include climatic change impacts on water resources.

Alice Azadeh Alipour | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research focuses on resilience and sustainability of urban systems, risk assessment of civil infrastructure under extreme hazard conditions, life cycle engineering and management of civil infrastructures such as water pipelines.

Peter Alpert | Biology

Researches plant form and function, survival adaptations, and growth in specific habitats.

Neal G Anderson | Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research focuses on physical information theory and engineering implications and applications, photovoltaics, and quantum semiconductor heterostuctures and their optoelectronic device applications.

Douglas Anderton | Sociology

Research focuses on historical and mathematical population studies, environmental health and policy, and environmental justice studies.

Kathleen Arcaro | Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Research aims at understanding the human health effects of exposure to complex mixtures of environmental pollutants with emphasis on estrogenic and antiestrogenic pollutants. Current studies focus on breast milk as a marker of exposure, effect, and breast cancer risk; signaling pathways in estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer and; and bioassays for detection of endocrine disruptors in water ways.

V Arun | Computer Science

Research focuses on creating dependable and fast networked systems, investigating Internet protocols, peer-to-peer networks, wireless networks, and security. Research aims to build practical systems as well as to apply theoretical techniques to better understand these systems.

Sanjay Arwade | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research interests in structural analysis, structural mechanics and reliability, finite element analysis, and advanced solid mechanics.

Michael Ash | Economics

Research interests include environment, health, health disparities, labor, and environmental justice and policy as it relates to toxics use. 

Scott Auerbach | Chemistry

Research focuses on modeling catalysis and transport in nanoporous molecular sieves such as zeolites and other aluminosilicates and understanding the microscopic events that underlie their application. Research aims to understand how selective interactions control adsorption, diffusion and reaction in zeolites, and the growth of zeolites themselves, to assist in the development of new zeolite-based nanotechnologies. Applications for renewable energy materials and devices.

Anne Averill | Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences

Research focuses on both basic and applied studies of insects. Projects address behavior, ecology, and management of cranberry and blueberry insects, including the decline of various bee species.

Erin Baker | Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Research focuses on energy and environmental economics and policy, especially the impact of uncertainty on climate change emissions and technology policies. Projects include leadership of new wind energy graduate program, analyses of energy technology R&D and the impact of energy portfolios on greenhouse gas emissions and the environmen and development of decision support systems that relates electricity generation decisions to sustainability metrics, including uncertainty.

Michael Barnes | Chemistry

Highly collaborative and interdisciplinary research explores the connection between structure and optoelectronic function in polymeric and inorganic composite nanostructures. The experimental approach, termed Chemical Microscopy, combines single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy techniques along with scanning probe microscopies such as AFM, to understand details of structure and internal order in macromolecular systems and their relation photonic, or optoelectronic properties.

Paul Barten | Environmental Conservation

Research focuses on watershed structure and function, streamflow in forested uplands and wetlands, assessment of hydrological impacts of land use, modeling of water and sediment yield, and watershed management. 

Tobias Baskin | Biology

Research focuses on understanding the mechanisms whereby plant cells govern growth anisotropy including understanding how cell division and expansion are regulated coordinately, the role of the cytoskeleton in regulating anisotropic expansion, and uncover how anisotropic wall yielding is conditioned by the structural elements of the cell wall.

Elizabeth R. Bertone-Johnson | Public Health and Health Sciences

Research focuses on environmental health and the effect of diet and other lifestyle factors on ovarian cancer incidence, hormonal risk factors for breast and ovarian cancer, and cancer epidemiology in animal populations.

Research focuses on the molecular mechanisms behind plant cell growth, and in particular, the mechanisms leading to the polar and directed form of growth known as tip growth and how actin-binding proteins affect dynamics in the cell.

Surita Bhatia | Chemical Engineering

Research focuses on complex fluids, solutions and gels containing surfactants, polymers, and colloidal particles which are potential models for biomembranes.

Prasanta C. Bhowmik | Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences

Studies the biology of invasive weed species, allelopathic interactions of weed species, the use of organic products for weed management, and the influence of edaphic factors in herbicide behavior and development of integrated weed management strategies for cool-season turfgrass.

Annaliese Bischoff | Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning

Professor Bischoff specializes in landscape architecture and cultural landscape preservation. Her research focuses on the cultural influences that shape the landscape with an emphasis on historic identity and landscape character.

Eric Bittman | Biology

Research focuses on the molecular and neural basis of endogenous daily (circadian) rhythms in mammals, particularly the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus (SCN), a master pacemaker critical not only to general activity rhythms but also to the estrous cycle, the rhythmic secretion of many hormones, and seasonal breeding.