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Society & Culture

A detail of the defensive wall that envelops Nanjing, China
Newlyweds in red car at Boston Gay Pride March, 2004
Same-sex marriage and the impact of family and gender policies
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Close up image of sociologists Michelle Budig and Joya Misra
Sociologists assess the motherhood wage penalty on a global scale
1592 engraving depicting insects, mouse, and insect life cycle
Exhibit detail of the timeline marking the life of W.E.B Du Bois.
Public historians engage the community
Billboard at Robben Island, South Africa, where political prisoners were held
Studying the psychology of peace and violence
UMass alumnus Samuel Del Pilar stands with Forest Park art sneaker.
Social entrepreneur gets a kick-start from the UMass Innovation Challenge
Wexler with tribal community members at the circumpolar EAGER meeting in DC
Community health project charts path for youth in Alaskan tribal communities
Detail from doors on a building in Kabul, Afghanistan
Promotions manager Karen Fisk with two interns at the historic UMass Press
Student interns gain publishing experience at the campus’ historic and innovative academic press
Students designing an exit poll in Brian Schaffner's UMass polling class
Training students to produce high-quality polling data