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Life & Health

Undergrad conducts life-changing research on diabetics
Microtubules within cells from the laboratory of biophysicist Jennifer Ross
Scanning electron micrograph of human T-cell
UMass scientists develop unique molecules that slip through cell membranes to help unlock mysteries of the immune system
UMass Amherst epidemiologist Susan Hankinson in her office
Epidemiologist investigates ways to better predict breast cancer risk
 Micro dissected photo of atypical hyperplasia—a premalignant breast lesion
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UMass Amherst chemical engineer Shelly Peyton in her laboratory
Chemical Engineer Shelly Peyton has developed an unique approach to breast cancer research
Caitlyn Butler, colleagues, and villagers in front of the green latrine in Ghana
Treats waste, protects health, and generates electricity with microbial fuel cells
Associate professor of Kinesiology Barry Braun and students in the lab
Barry Braun seeks an exercise prescription to fight diabetes and other metabolic disorders
Food scientist David Julian McClements in his lab
Innovator delivers novel food technologies for a healthier future
UMass Amherst microbiologist Derek Lovley in his laboratory
Microbial electrosynthesis yields fuel and unleashes new applications
Economist Michael Ash looks over the report "Justice in the Air" in his office.
Economists mine EPA data for the right to clean air and water