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Life & Health

Close up image of ear with red grid background
Shedding light on the causes of hearing problems in middle age
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Group of Franklin and Hampden County community health volunteers at training.
A New Model for Training Community Health Workers
Explaining treatment to patient in the medical clinic
Improving treatment outcomes for dialysis patients
Elizabeth Vierling in a Lab
Pioneering biochemist investigates relationship between plant biology and human health
lUp close view of a water-soluble polymer pro-drug in beaker
 Nanoscale electronic circuit test patterns printed roll-to-roll on a thin film
Pioneering wearable biosensors for personalized health care
Close up view of a 3D-printed imaging jig prototype
Close up view of the crystal structure of the dengue virus protease
Jeanne Hardy and a student examining images of cells on a screen.
Tiny proteins shed light on apoptosis, targeted drug delivery, and human disease triggers
Todd Emrick and his students in a lab.
Synthesizing state-of-the-art polymers and particles
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