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Energy & Environment

Jessica Schiffman in her research laboratory
Engineering natural polymers into biomaterials and water treatment technologies
A regional partnership pairs science with street smarts to meet energy goals
View of nautical and oceanic architectural high-rise by student Marcus Lafond
Paving a path for sustainable architecture
Bumble bee on purple globe thistle plant
Close up view of glass slides with polymer strips and conducting materials
Advancing the frontiers of polymer-based photovoltaic research
River flooding roads due to hurricane.
Empowering communities to plan for climate change
Jeffrey Blanchard and students in office.
Characterizing microbial communities in soil to predict climate change
Close up view of methane producing microorganisms, Methanosaetes, in blue
Hydrologist David Boutt on site in the Atacama Desert in Chile
Understanding ground water transport to protect water resources
Village elders mix paint for stupas.
Confronting Global Warming in India
Stone walls dry stacked in India with mountains in background
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