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Computing & Technology

Close up view of a 3D-printed imaging jig prototype
Close up view of the crystal structure of the dengue virus protease
GPU and precomputed light transport enable interactive design and visualization
Expanding the frontiers of visual computing
Computer synthesized 3D image of dragon and balls with high gloss surfaces
Todd Emrick and his students in a lab.
Synthesizing state-of-the-art polymers and particles
Picture Of Black Hole Engulfing Nearby Stars And Distorting The Space Around It
UMass Amherst’s Giant Telescope to Attempt Imaging Black Hole at Center of Our Galaxy
Members of the eDesign team
Driving innovation to compete in the global economy
Jane Fountain discusses research with students in the classroom
Improving governance world-wide in the digital age
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Graduate students test the equipment on the treadmill in the lab.
Researchers test and validate wearable sensors to improve health management
Salthouse and graduate student Akshaya Shanmugam with 3D printed imaging jig
Engineers design new diagnostic and imaging technologies for personalized health monitoring
Up close detail of an accelerometer in red