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Computing & Technology

model of engineered nano particle surfaces in blue and proteins in gold
I love UMass sticker on door with High Performance Computers in background
UMass Amherst Leads Way for High Performance Computing in the Life Sciences
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Sheet of 'green geckskin' next to a green gecko
Image of heart superimposed on an electrocardiograph
Advancing biostatistical methods to improve public health
Network viisualization of political action committee contributions to candidates
Analyzing big data to understand complex social systems
Electronic tag for visually impaired on elevator sign
Technology developed at UMass Amherst will help the visually impaired navigate Boston subway
Visual comparison of the shapes of bat skulls
Researchers develop new tool to identify biodiversity targets
Close-up detail of a 4-axis milling machine
Jessica Schiffman in her research laboratory
Engineering natural polymers into biomaterials and water treatment technologies
Thomas Herndon with Stephen Colbert
Grad student Thomas Herndon exposes data flaws in a seminal theory of economics
A regional partnership pairs science with street smarts to meet energy goals