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Smog Chamber: Understanding the Chemistry of Air Pollution
The image shows a detail of the photochemical aging chamber built by Richard Peltier, an atmospheric chemist in the Department of Public Health.

Research NEXT

Research Next is a window into the research, scholarship and creative activity that distinguishes UMass Amherst as a top research university. Our story is told through the voices of the faculty, students and staff who, through their work, are creating a brighter future for us all.

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UMass Amherst Research

UMass Amherst is one of the nation's top public research universities as measured by national and international rankings, academic citations, and research funding. The campus spends more than $190 million on research each year, demonstrating its contribution to the nation’s position as a technological and economic leader. We work in conjunction with academic, government, and private partners to translate new knowledge and scientific discoveries into technical innovations and scholarly works that create opportunity for students, faculty and the public.