University of Massachusetts Amherst

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  • Picture of UMass professor David Reckhow with Governor Patrick and other water innovators.

    A Drop to Drink

    New EPA funding puts UMass Amherst water treatment innovation to the test

    David Reckhow and his colleagues in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department have long set the stage for research and development of healthier and more effective alternatives for U.S. water... More

  • Illustrated here are microbial nanowires, which can carry an electric current on a nanoscopic scale. Microbial nanowires represent an important new research topic in the field of synthetic biology

    Biological Debate

    New imaging technique supports UMass Amherst view that electric charges propogate along microbial nanowires

    The claim by microbiologist Derek Lovley and colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Amherst that the microbe Geobacter produces tiny electrical wires, called microbial nanowires, has been... More

  • Biological picture of a phragmoplast with microtubules in magenta and myosin VIII in cyan blue.

    Unlocking Molecular Mysteries

    UMass cell biologists propose a more detailed cell division model

    Along with copying and splitting DNA during division, cells must have a way to break safely into two viable daughter cells, a process called cytokinesis. But the molecular basis of how plant cells... More

  • UMass Amherst professor Jane Fountain standing in front of wall of posters about her work.

    Virtual State

    Honoring the world’s leading expert on digital government

    For as long as there has been a virtual state, UMass Amherst Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Jane Fountain has stood as an undisputed leader on the topic. As... More