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Whole Technologies

Engineering innovations to benefit humanity

Electrical and computer engineer Aura Ganz spent the first part of her career increasing bandwidth capabilities to perfect optical and wireless networks—networks many of us use... Read More

School's Out

Research Reveals Standardized Tests Have Negative Impact on Parents' Civic Engagement

New research by UMass Amherst political scientist Jesse Rhodes reveals that parents of public school students in states with more extensive and stringent student assessment... Read More

Stomach Stories

Stomach content analysis sheds light on sperm whale conservation and ecology

In the largest regional study of its type to date, Michelle Staudinger, marine ecologist and adjunct faculty in the UMass Amherst Department of Environmental Conservation, and... Read More

Energy Extension

New initiative leverages campus expertise for clean energy implementation

A six million dollar grant announced by Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Rick Sullivan supports a new Energy Extension Initiative on the UMass... Read More

The Art Lab

Museum prepares students for careers in the art world

Tucked away on the North side of the campus’ Fine Arts Center is a concealed cultural gem—the University Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA)—a teaching museum and multidisciplinary... Read More

Peak Performance

Front-line insights shape idea-driven organizations

Many academics study ideas and innovation, but few focus on generating ideas on an organization's "front lines," where much of the work gets done. Alan Robinson, an... Read More