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  • aerial view of hurricane sandy

    Hurricane History

    Documenting severe storms in the past to prepare for future climate change

    New evidence of historically unprecedented hurricane activity along the northeastern coast of what would become the United States may provide a window into what we may expect in coming centuries with... More

  • Dave Damery, Prashant Shenoy and Beka Kosanovic stand in Central Heating Plant lobby.

    A Bright Future

    Patrick Administration designates UMass Amherst Energy Extension Hub

    As one of the earliest land grant universites, UMass Amherst has been applying campus expertise to societal problems for more than 150 years. At first it focused on agricultural technologies, but now... More

  • four babies sitting in diapers in a line

    Learning Effect

    Naming things for babies may offer lasting benefits

    Studies have shown how learning in infancy between the ages of six to nine months lays a foundation for learning later in childhood. Now UMass Amherst developmental psychologist Lisa Scott and... More

  • Dream-likepicture of woman with hands superimposed over her face.

    Forcing Bias to Show its Face

    On campus, in the courts, and out in the world, Linda Tropp fights the best of good fights

    Linda R. Tropp is dedicated to recognizing, comprehending, and eliminating racism and discrimination in our society. Many Americans, of course, would like to believe that these scourges no longer... More

  • UMass Professor Food Science professor Yeonhwa Park in her lab.

    Cited Around the World

    Yeonhwa Park’s CLA research lands her among the world’s most influential scientific minds

    When UMass food scientist Yeonhwa Park began studying conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) nearly 25 years ago, very little was known about the compound. Park’s fundamental research has been critical to... More

  • Tablet devices with internet icons hovering above hand.


    UMass Amherst experts are driving the future of Internet infrastructure

    Our current Internet architecture was built for a wired world and has not kept pace with the rapid explosion of technical, business, and social applications. This puts users at risk for security... More