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  • UMass Professor Julie Caswell stands in front of "Harvest" food court in the campus center.

    Food Safety and Nutrition

    Resource economist works consumer side of food policy and regulation

    Professor of Resource Economics Julie Caswell is internationally known for her research on the economics of food safety and nutrition. Her many appointments to national food safety and nutrition... More

  • Recipients of the Spring 2015 Rising Researcher award

    Emerging Leaders

    Students honored for innovation in research, scholarship, and creative activity

    UMass Amherst created the Rising Researcher Awards in 2013 to honor undergraduate students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in a particular area of study. The six recipients... More

  • Image of disposable water bottles and plastic caps

    BPA Busted

    Dr. Katherine Reeves studies the link between breast cancer and BPA

    One aim of public health research is to uncover ways that our environment can impact human life, both positively and negatively. Strong, evidence-based research findings can inform policymakers and... More

  • Image of the Blackpoll warbler, the species tracked in the groundbreaking migratory study.

    Non-Stop Flight

    International team documents amazing migratory feat

    For more than 50 years, scientists had tantalizing clues suggesting that a tiny, boreal forest songbird known as the blackpoll warbler departs each fall from New England and eastern Canada to migrate... More

  • Up close rendering of bacteria stained orange against blue background

    The Micro-Social Network

    Advancing understanding of how bacteria communicate

    Bacteria have traditionally been viewed as solitary organisms that “hang out on their own,” says UMass Amherst molecular biologist Kevin Griffith. However, scientists now realize that in fact,... More

  • Graph showing Homophily, the connectivity between similar nodes in a network

    Big Data Expands

    UMass Data Science for the Commonwealth

    The University of Massachusetts Amherst has launched a new Center for Data Science that will coordinate and significantly expand its capacity for research, education and industry collaboration in... More