University of Massachusetts Amherst

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  • Illustration of the nanosensor approach to screening drugs

    Rapid Determination

    Researchers invent fast, accurate nanoparticle-based sensor system for cancer drug screening

    Traditional genomic, proteomic and other screening methods currently used to characterize drug mechanisms are time-consuming and require special equipment, but now researchers led by chemist Vincent... More

  • Afro-Am chair John Bracey holds his new book in front of a colorful mural painted by an alumnus

    Calling All Black People

    Celebrated scholar honored for life-long contribution to black studies

    Few scholars can boast the academic pedigree of Afro-American Studies professor and chair John Bracey. His family comprises four generations of teachers. Bracey’s grandparents were teachers and his... More

  • Jeff Cox, Dee Boyle-Clapp and Todd Trebour in Studio Arts lobby

    The Business of Art

    New initiative provides regional home and business support for arts entrepreneurship

    Since its establishment in 1973, UMass Amherst’s Arts Extension Service (AES) has been stimulating the growth of arts and culture across Massachusetts and New England. Initially founded and directed... More

  • The five selected Rising Researcher undergraduates for Fall 2014.

    Making Their Mark

    UMass Amherst undergraduates demonstrate leadership and know-how in science and entrepreneurship

    There are a growing number of exceptional undergraduate students who are choosing to make their mark early in life. UMass Amherst Rising Researchers Allison Masley, Shayna Nolan, Curtis Owen, D'... More