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  • Aerial view of the San Adreas fault

    Finding Faults

    Improving understanding of earthquakes hazards

    Geologists have long been uncertain about the factors that govern how new faults grow. In new modeling and analyses of fault geometry in the Earth’s crust, UMass Amherst geoscientist Michele Cooke... More

  • Image of a Protostar-a giant molecular cloud in the early stages of star formation

    Stellar Systems

    First observations of multiple star system formation support model predictions

    An international team of astronomers has reported the first multiple-star system to be observed during the earliest stage of formation. This finding supports model predictions by UMass Amherst... More

  • Sine wave with computer screens in the background

    Massive Data

    Designing solutions for large-scale graphs

    With the exponential growth of big data for far-ranging applications comes the need to design and develop algorithms for these systems. UMass Amherst computer scientist Andrew McGregor–an algorithm... More

  • Danny Schnell in the UMass College of Natural Sciences Greenhouse, with the Camelina plant

    Sustainable Biofuels

    Celebrated biochemist leads the charge for sustainable fuels of the future

    Biochemist Danny Schnell sees a time in the not-so-distant future when automobiles will run solely on electricity but air travel will still depend on liquid fuel. Given this expected evolution in... More

  • aerial view of hurricane sandy

    Hurricane History

    Documenting severe storms in the past to prepare for future climate change

    New evidence of historically unprecedented hurricane activity along the northeastern coast of what would become the United States may provide a window into what we may expect in coming centuries with... More

  • four babies sitting in diapers in a line

    Learning Effect

    Naming things for babies may offer lasting benefits

    Studies have shown how learning in infancy between the ages of six to nine months lays a foundation for learning later in childhood. Now UMass Amherst developmental psychologist Lisa Scott and... More