• Picture of Hypothetical dark matter ring, tinted blue, in galaxy cluster Cl0024+17 (Credit: NASA)

    Invisible Dark Matter

    UMass Amherst students contribute to the quest for an elusive energy

    Deep beneath a mountain in the Apennine range in Italy, an intricate apparatus searches for the dark matter of the universe. University of Massachusetts physics students played a crucial part of the... More

  • Picture of Artaic's mosaic tile installation at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove.

    Twenty-First Century Mosaics

    UMass experts improve manufacturing innovation for Massachusetts company

    Mechanical engineer Dr. Ted Acworth founded Artaic with a goal to revitalize the ancient mosaic art form. He was inspired by the beauty of the artwork but found the modern mosaic-making process to be... More

  • Doctor holding sign that says "Stop Cancer."

    Cancer Crusher

    Engineer uses organic chemistry to develop cancer therapies

    One of the things Ashish Kulkarni loves about organic chemistry is the possibility of using his imagination to make beautiful molecules. He puts that creativity to work designing new therapies for... More

  • picture of gold nanoparticle

    Nanoparticles to the Rescue

    UMass technology improves "shark skin" antibacterial coatings

    To limit hospital- and clinic-related infections, institutions have been using new materials, such as one commercially available that mimics shark skin, to inhibit microbes’ ability to stick to high-... More

  • UMass professor Alasdair Roberts sits in his office among the books he has written.

    Can Government Do Anything Right?

    Policy expert puts rapidly shifting global parameters in perspective

    Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube while the squares are constantly changing color. That’s what it’s like to wrestle with issues of policy making and governance, according to Alasdair Roberts,... More

  • Rising Researchers stand with Chancellor Subbaswamy.

    Stepping Up to the Challenge

    Undergraduate students tackle big problems through science and art

    UMass Amherst students are not ones to shy away from a challenge. We honor six undergraduates this semester with the Rising Researcher award for their impressive achievements in key areas of science... More