Writing the Proposal "Pitch Page" - Part 1

Writing the Proposal "Pitch Page" - Part 1
Date/Time: November 4, 2011, 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Location: Campus Center Room 1001

This Research Development workshop focuses on the research proposal “pitch page,” the all-important section of any proposal that tells reviewers what you plan to do, why it matters, and why you and your team are the best suited to do it.  This workshop aims to distill the proposal “pitch” down to its core elements and provide workshop attendees with a set of conceptual tools that can be applied to help you write more compelling, memorable, and competitive proposals to any sponsor. 

Business pitch consultant Linda Plano, PhD, Plano & Simple Consulting, and UMass Amherst Proposal Development Specialist, Mary Fechner, PhD. (Office of Research Development) will tag team this information rich and practical workshop.  

Linda Plano, PhD.

Dr. Linda Plano has helped more than 500 high tech entrepreneurs raise over $250M in equity and grant funding and had a great time in the process!  Drawing from her training in technology (PhD Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford; BS Physics, MIT), and subsequent management and new business development experience, Dr. Plano has become the go-to person to help with presenting new opportunities to board members, customers, investors, and others (such as federal funding agencies).

Mary Fechner, PhD.

Dr. Mary Fechner is Proposal Development Specialist with the UMass Amherst Office of Research Development.  She has seven years’ experience helping university faculty, graduate students, and postdocs craft competitive proposals for sponsored research.  Dr. Fechner is also a cultural and medical anthropologist.  Her research has been funded by the NIH and other individual grants.


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