Utilization of emulsion interface engineering to produce oxidatively stable lipid delivery systems

Primary Inventors: 

This system makes oil-in-water emulsions containing 25-40% lipids. This system utilizes antioxidant technologies in the lipid, lipid-water interface and water phases. The emulsion contains very little non-lipid materials and is easy to incorporate into foods while maintaining antioxidant protection systems.


Development of oxidatively stable food delivery systems for omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids and flavors.

  • Provides multiphase antioxidant protection
  • Has greater oxidative stability than bulk lipids
  • Has low amounts of non-lipid materials
  • Is easy to incorporate into water based foods
  • Maintains much of its antioxidant protection once incorporated into foods
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Available for Licensing and research collaboration
Patent Status: 

US Patent 8,017,170 issued

UMA 03-05
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