Useful Resources on the web

Useful Resources on the Web



Everything you need to know about the new review criteria and scoring system

Reviewer guidelines
Especially read the section on Overall Impact versus Significance

Center for Scientific Review's resources for applicants

CSR's videos on peer review: Two new videos, "Peer Review Revealed" and "NIH Tips for Applicants"

OER's page on Writing Your Application

25 Helpful Hints for New Investigators from NIGMS Staff

NCI’s Short Guide to the Preparation of NIH Grant Applications

NIAID ‘All About Grants'

URL for K Kiosk

URL for F Kiosk

Link to NIH listserve

Link to NIH RSS feeds

NIH's page on using clear language

OER's "Frequently used links"

Resources for new applicants.

NIH Vertebrate Animals checklist

NIAID's page of checklists for applications involving research with human subjects



“A Guide for Proposal Writing”

“Broader Impacts: Representative Activities”

“The 2002 User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation”



Sample instructions

NIFA Peer Review Process

NIFA Sample Application

NIFA Electronic Application Information



Lab Management
A "must" for new investigators