Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Arrays Fabrication by Electrochemical Deposition in a Nanoporous Diblock-Copolymer Template

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A technology for manufacturing extremely dense magnetic arrays for next-generation data storage applications. Produced by a novel imaging technique and conventional manufacturing processes, this technology has the potential for storing very large volumes of data on the order of 1200 gigabits per sq inch or more. Other applications include giant magnetoresistive (GMR) materials for disk drive read/write heads.

  • Next-generation ultra-high-density magnetic data storage media
  • Patterned data storage media for smart cards or other microchip applications
  • High density GMR read heads and encoders
  • Combines a novel imaging system with conventional manufacturing processes
  • Simple, fast, reproducible process
  • Scaleable and adaptable to a wide range of media geometries
  • Ultra-high-densities of 1.2 trillion+ magnetic images per sq inch
  • High thermal stability for long-term data integrity
  • Imaging technique allows for ultra-fine patterning
  • Low power consumption
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Available for Licensing and research collaboration
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Patents Issued  US 7,190,049  and US 7,572,669

The imaging technique on which this technology is based has several other applications and advantages.

UMA 00-12
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